Friday, February 24, 2017

Using Brass Sheet Metal to Make Fashion Items than Can Beautify Homes

Brass can be used in fashion design to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of certain elements. A designer may initially think there’s no place for brass in their collections, but they’d realize this isn’t the case. Brass has been used in clothing for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

Practical Uses

If you look carefully, you’ll find brass on almost every pair of jeans and jacket you own. This is because it’s regularly used to make zippers and pulls on clothing, as well as buttons and poppers. Clothing designers were quick to realize how beneficial brass is in the industry: it’s affordable, plentiful and easy to use as functional fasteners on fashion pieces. Read more from this blog

Using Brass Sheet #Metal to Make Fashion Items than Can Beautify Homes

Using Brass Sheet #Metal to Make Fashion Items than Can Beautify Homes - #RotaxMetals |

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why Artisans Should Use Bronze Bars and Sheets When Making Cymbals

The use of metals for manufacturing musical instruments, particularly cymbals, dates back 3,000 B.C. Cymbals are among the first musical instruments that have been depicted in many ancient paintings and sculptures. Cymbals have been manufactured using bronze since then.

For an artisan who creates musical instruments, there is something special about creating a classic piece with a modern twist. Manufacturers and suppliers choose bronze materials in their instruments due to its many good properties. Read more from this blog

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Using Brass to Accentuate the Bathroom

Homeowners are doing some amazing things to their bathrooms, and are now using innovative materials that bring life to so many creative projects. You can do the same for your clients seeking eye-catching fixtures and faucets in their bathrooms when you use brass.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tips For Maintaining Brass Square Tubing

Brass square tube is a versatile and popular material used in the fabrication industry and, chances are, you’ve used it in your projects. However, some of your pieces may have a lost a bit of their luster. Bring back their vibrancy by taking the following restoration steps.