Friday, December 23, 2016

The Many Uses of Muntz Metal

Muntz metal is frequently used in industries involving machinery, such as marine repair, construction and manufacturing. It’s an affordable alternative to pure copper, and it has properties that make is an excellent choice in heavy duty machinery.

What is Muntz Metal?

Muntz metal is an alloy of copper zinc with a 60%/ 40% ratio of these materials, and a trace of iron. It was developed in the 19th Century as a cheap and durable metal, and has been used widely in many industries since then.

The Properties of Muntz Metal

Muntz metal is very durable and strong due to its composition, and is therefore an excellent choice for use in machinery.

Muntz metal is corrosion resistant and was often used in the shipping industry during the 19th century to line the bottom of wooden ships. When in water, muntz metal releases copper. The composition of copper works to repel sea organisms and preventing them to attach themselves on wooden pier pilings and ship hulls.

Uses of Muntz Metal in Machinery

Although Muntz metal was patented as early as 1832, it is still commonly used today. In fact, you’ll find it used to manufacture bolts. Its strength and durability, combined with corrosion resistance, make muntz metal a good, affordable choice for bolts used in various types of machinery.

Not only is Muntz metal used for decorative cladding and trim in architecture, you’ll also find Muntz metal to be heavily used in the manufacture of condenser tubes and many types of heat exchangers.

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