Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why Brass Angles are Essential for Construction

Almost all construction projects involve the use of angles. In building construction steel angles are used for structural purposes while brass angles are more likely used for aesthetic purposes.


Metal angles are strong and hard wearing, so using them in your project will ensure sure the meeting points of materials are reinforced; particularly useful in areas where structural integrity is important. A heavier angle can be used for structural elements of buildings, while a lighter one is useful in furniture design or as a finishing touch.

Precise Measurements

If you’re building a project that requires precise angles and measurements, you need to consider using metal angles. Metal angles from a quality supplier will be at a perfect 90 degree angle, so you can be sure your walls, floors, doors, and more are correctly constructed. Using metal angles helps you avoid uneven surfaces, tilts and other errors that could spoil a build.

Brass Angles

Brass angles are also very durable due to the blend of copper and zinc that the alloy is made from. They are also fire and spark resistant, making them a safer choice than some other metal angles.

As brass is an aesthetically pleasing material, you can use it when the work you complete will be visible, as it will look as well as function well. Thin brass angles are used for decorative purposes.

Brass angles are very useful in specific areas of construction, such as parts of ship machinery in contact with seawater and industrial locations where spark needs to be avoided such as in gas plants. They are resistant to both low and high temperatures aside from also being corrosion resistant, so they can be used just about anywhere.

Choose brass angles from a high quality supplier to ensure you’re getting reliable materials for your construction project.

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