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Make the Most Out of Copper & Brass Sales by Knowing How to Clean and Maintain These Metals

Copper and brass are two materials that craftsmen and designers love to work with because of their versatility and sturdiness. While the material is impressively strong such that it can build humongous and solid structures, it is also malleable enough to form and shape as needed.

It’s therefore no wonder that copper & brass sales are always in high demand. From renovation projects to interior design refurbishments, to jewelry making and other handicraft projects, the use of these metals remains popular. Here are some tips that can help you better maintain the copper and brass elements to keep your work or design looking good.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

During renovation projects, delays sometimes occur. For bathroom redesigns, this delay can affect the appearance of the fixture, especially because they are constantly exposed to moisture. If you want to make sure that everything is shining and glittering like new when you unveil your design masterpiece to your client, use a simple homemade mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Read more on this blog:

The Importance of Copper and Brass Sales to the Efficiency of Your Interior Design Project

No matter the season, there is no denying the appeal of metals in interior design. Brass and copper in particular are two of the most favored materials to work with for the designers because of their strength, durability, and versatility.

It is important for designers to have the materials readily accessible so the work can continue smoothly. This is why copper and brass sales always present such a great opportunity for industry practitioners to stock up on materials. Not only do they make their own jobs easier, it also helps give their client a variety of options too. Here are some of the best applications for brass and copper.

Lighting Fixtures

Brass and copper can add a subtle but undeniable touch of elegance and sophistication when incorporated in lighting fixtures. You don’t even need to buy a brand new one, too. For example, you can repurpose an old lamp structure and upgrade it by wrapping copper sheet metal to its exterior. Read more on this blog:

Friday, September 1, 2017

Brass Sales Rely on the Metal’s Popularity and Wide Range of Types

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is widely used in various industries. Though the generic term used is “brass,” there are more than 60 different types of it. Their properties are not the same but all brass are known for their strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability. They’re also conductive and easy to produce and not to mention, recyclable and environment-friendly.

While you can rely on all types of brass, it’s still important to know their classifications. This way, you can find the right type for the project you’re working on. One way to determine the type of brass is based on its crystal structure.

The crystal structure of brass pertains to the combination of copper and zinc that differs based on peritectic solidification. This means that the way two elements with different atomic structures come together is influenced by temperatures and content ratios. Read more on this blog:

Green Benefits of Getting Your Metal from Environment-Friendly Brass Suppliers

Brass is one of the most commonly used metals. Its application ranges from architectural cladding to lamp sockets to jewelry. You can also see it in marine and industrial equipment. While many choose brass for its flexibility of use, some may overlook the value it gets from its environment-friendliness.

This metal, which comes in forms of bars, rods, and other special shapes, is among the easiest to recycle. In fact, it consists of recycled materials, meaning it doesn’t put any to waste. The most popular type is called Free-Cutting Brass, which is the go-to product of a lot of engineers and machinists. In the United States alone, half of the one million tons of brasses consumed each year are free-cutting types.


The term of “free-cutting” is coined due to the metal’s ability to be turned, cut, or drilled with ease. This makes it easier for users to recycle the metal into whatever form they need. No other metal can do what brass can in this regard since they don’t have the strength to undergo fast and long machining. In fact, brass can be machined five times faster than steel and retain the same cutting tool life. Read more on this blog:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Home Remodeling for Artists: Where to Buy Copper Sheets

Copper sheets are becoming more and more common these days. They are one of the favorite materials of choice for architects and interior designers for both interior and exterior parts of buildings. But how can you use copper sheets in a residential setting such as for home remodeling? Here are a few ideas as well as information about where to buy copper sheets.

Copper Sheets Use in Home Remodeling

One of the biggest advantages of using copper sheets is that the material is extremely durable. Therefore, installing them in areas affected by wear and tear is exactly what people have been doing.

In the kitchen, you can incorporate copper sheets to the countertop and also as a backsplash. These two areas are the center of activity of any kitchen and will undoubtedly need frequent cleaning as they are constantly covered in grease and food products. Copper sheets also offer a smooth working surface that is easy to be wiped down to minimize water marks. They can also provide an industrial kind of aesthetic to your home. Read more on this blog:

What Makes Square Metal Tubing Suitable for a Variety of Applications

Many industries make use of structural tubing as an alternative to solid steel. Because of its wide use, when you look around, you’ll see different types of metal tubing in buildings, houses, and architectural design, among others. Structural metal tubing come in a wide variety of shapes and material types, too. This makes them suitable for diverse applications ranging from shopping carts to truck bumpers.


Steel is the most commonly used material for structural tubing. Hot rolled metal coils are used to create shapes necessary for structural pipes. First, they are cut to size and then folded depending to the required shape. Then, manufacturers will weld the two sides to form a tube. Such tubing are known for strength and durability.

Aside from steel, other materials can also be used to make structural tubing. Among these are aluminum, brass, carbon, and alloy. Each material has its own qualities. For instance, aluminum and carbon are best for projects that require lightweight strength while alloys are for those that need high resistance to elements. For plumbing, brass is the best choice because of its resistance to corrosion. Read more on this blog:

Monday, August 28, 2017

Using Square Brass Tubing and Other Brass Profiles for Your Metalcraft Project

If you’d like to take your passion for crafts-making to another level, consider taking on metal crafts. Not only is it a challenging, fulfilling, and creative activity, but it could also be lucrative.

The first thing you should do before venturing into such a project is to find a reputable supplier. Next, you will need to practice, practice, and practice. After all, when you’re new at it, you will need to work on your skills in executing your creative ideas. Here’s how you can use square brasstubing, sheets, and bars for your artisanal project.

Steampunk Light Fixtures

Steampunk as a concept allows you to derive inspiration from the industrial era, focusing on metal cogs and wheels. Steampunk is all about exposing the inner workings of science, technology, and alchemy, which is why complicated contraptions, pulleys, and mechanical components are also key to bringing this theme to life. Geometrical shapes and patterns also fit perfectly into this concept, which is why square tubing is something that you can incorporate in your project.

It could, for example, be integrated into the lampstand itself, either as a decorative element or more of a structural component where the stem of the stand is inserted in between the squares. A big enough size could be used as the base of the stand, then filled with other elements or a metal sheet, perhaps. Other uses for these are steampunk jewelry, plant, and magazine hangers.

Entire interior design schemes have been executed to feature the steampunk concept, which should make for a very good opportunity to showcase metal crafts, particularly those made of bronze and brass to contribute to the look and feel of the room. You can even add more functional steampunk elements in a particular room’s interior design by using square tubing inside a cabinet where you can hang your clothes.

Kitchen Accents

Another way you can work on metals is by creating decorative backsplashes for the kitchen using metal sheets. Brass metal sheets are malleable and easy to handle, but at the same time, they are also quite durable. Better yet, you can add engravings for more texture or design.

This could work for the trimmings along the side, or if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can maybe even make an entire canvass out of it. Apart from backsplashes, these sheets can also cover entire surfaces like the cabinetry and drawers.

Other Artistic Pieces

You can also use a variety of metal materials such as metal bars to be more innovative with your creations. Metal bars give you a lot of opportunity to “sculpt,” whether it be a simple centerpiece art or a bigger architectural tool.

These bars can be used as frames to support construction. However, in a more accessible level, bars can also be used for items like door latches, appliances, and other ornamental pieces.

Whatever your chosen use for these types of metal may be, make sure to source it from a reputable supplier such as Rotax Metals.

About Rotax Metals:

Rotax Metals is a wholesale supplier and distributor of yellow metals such as copper, brass, and bronze. We make sure to have a wide variety of options for top quality supplies so you can execute the project or design as you envision. We offer these metals in a variety of sizes and shapes.


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Sculptures Made of Bronze Tube Makes a Comeback in Modern Art

Despite the fact that sculptures made primarily out of bronze is not a modern idea, it’s certainly regaining its old status in the modern art world as primary material for sculptures. Current bronze prices are making most of the country’s artisans re-think their choice of base material for their next masterpiece.

The Shift: From Bronze to Stone, and Back Again

Though bronze still holds the crown for the most popular material for cast metal sculptures, its use as primary material for sculptors has decreased over the years as the majority of these visual artists choose stone, ceramic, and more recently, resin to compensate. The main reason for the shift was the increasing world market price for copper, which is the primary component of bronze.

While it is true that the price of copper has not changed much in recent years, experts have argued that bronze prices shouldn’t be affected much by copper’s off-the-shelf prices, but are subjected to price shifts in scraps which are mostly dictated by its point of manufacture. This means the price of a single bronze tube is relatively independent from the current copper price. Read more on this blog:

Looking to Build a Structure That Makes a Statement? Consider Turning to Brass Tubing

When you want your structure to make a bold but elegant statement, turning to brass is indeed a reliable and appealing option. Brass, after all, is one metal capable of enduring the test of time. In short, whatever you create will most certainly captivate the attention of anyone passing by for years to come. As such, it just as certainly strengthens your portfolio.

Its architectural value radiates in the projects and creations crafted by architects across the globe. For some architects, inspiration rests on perforated brass. Other projects call for the use of mesh or flat mesh brass. On the other hand, some architects decide to create an even bolder statement by opting for brass tubing in structures that remain the talk of the town today. Such projects represent impressive creativity and a clever use of brass tubes as a form of light in dusky recesses of a building.

To generate some design ideas in your own work, examine the following ways in which brass plays an eminent role in today's architecture.

Brass as a Grid Facade

Combining several pieces of thin brass tubes to emulate a grid lends a facade to a building that waxes both edgy and exciting. This is the exact technique adopted by Shanghai design studio, Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, to create its impressive flagship store for the Asian skincare brand, Sulwhasoo, in Seoul, South Korea. The brass grids are highly visible in the store's entryway.

On the other hand, the whole grid theme resonates inside the store. Here, the grid is cleverly used to divide the large spaces into sections. Aside from adding organization to the floor space and store, the design also adds some privacy for shoppers, especially when interested in sampling an item or product. The grid element also works well as a brand's product display shelf.

Brass as a Tube Exterior Wall

For one theatre building in Shanghai, brass tubes standing side-by-side serve as an attractive exterior wall that adds character to the structure. What's more, it provides a dramatic contrast to the stone surrounding the rest of the building.

Brass as a Representation of Grass

For one pavilion in Beijing, Italian designer Luca Nichetto used vertical brass tubes to create a facade that resembled numerous blades of grass. It greatly complements the landscaped setting for the structure. Meanwhile, large windows complement the facade and allow more natural light to enter.

Brass tubes and brass in general certainly lends to unique and stunning architectural creations. With a bit of inspiration, you too can certainly craft an architectural masterpiece sure to impress any client looking for a structure that stands out from the rest. Turn to brass tubing in order to make a name in the industry and set your work apart from that of everyone else.

About Rotax Metals:

At Rotax Metals, we offer various metals like brass, copper and bronze in different forms so that you can readily utilize them for architectural, decor design, and other types of applications. For instance, we offer brass in different forms including tubing, angles, coils, extrusions, sheets, channels and more. We can also customize according to your requirements.


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Bronze Bars Are the Perfect Material for Sleeve Bearings in Machines

For the most part, machine makers have tried to find primary materials that would impart high performance, stability, and cost-effectiveness on their equipment design. However, some metal workers tend to avoid working with bronze bars, not because they find it hard to work with or they find it inferior to other alloys, but simply because they assume that bronze would be more costly.

This is rather unfortunate, as bronze is the perfect material to fabricate sleeve bearings for industrial machines. While it is true that copper, the primary component in making bronze, is costly, those that are made into bronze are typically priced 50 to 70% off the price of the initial copper bar, depending on the point of its manufacture.

Why Choose Bronze for Bearing Applications?

With the famous misconception about bronze’s price out of the way, it is easier to market bronze bars as the ideal primary material for fabricating an ordinary sleeve bearing. Though sleeve bearings are typically small, its function in ensuring the smooth operation of a complex machine is guaranteed. Read more on this blog:

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Modern Day Architectural and Construction Design Utilizes Muntz Metal for Its Unique Properties

In the past couple of decades, both builders and property owners have realized the wide range of design possibilities that metal brings to the table. While metal provides strength and stability, it is also undeniably sensitive to its surroundings. A metal that provides a rather good performance can corrode quite rapidly in some environments.

Despite the fact that Muntz metal (also known as Yellow Metal) is a material primarily used in maritime and industrial applications due to its antifouling properties, an increasing number of architects and contractors are appreciating the unique properties of Muntz metal as a building material too. Muntz metal is highly corrosion-resistant and can reduce the possibility of epibiosis. This means that Muntz metal is not prone to fungi or algae growth, which is quite typical in humid environments.

Capabilities and limitations

Architects and contractors consider several factors in choosing the right metal to incorporate in their design. The metal’s appearance, weight, strength, expected service life, anti-corrosive properties, ease of installation, and cost are just some of the things they consider. Read more on this blog:

Home Designers Rely on Brass Extrusions for Several Reasons

When it comes to home design, it's safe to say that brass is making a timely comeback. Indeed, it’s in great demand again just like in the Victorian era. That's because brass is a kind of metal capable of giving any space unparalleled elegance while also being durable.

For the architecture and interior design industries, brass comes in a wide variety of forms and specifications. However, perhaps one of the most widely used ones are the brass extrusions due to its wide variety of application possibilities. In fact, here are some ways that these particular metal extrusions are making brass shine throughout homes across America today.

Brass Wall Corner Protector

Brass makes for a great accent to a corner of wall in the home. This would help keep anything from damaging the wall while also giving the space a little dramatic effect. In fact, a brass wall corner protector would look especially stunning when it is paired with dark tones such as gray and black.

Brass Baby Gate

A baby gate that is reliable, one made of brass is a better alternative to wood and other materials. For starters, it's a much healthier alternative. According to researchers, alloys made from metals such as brass can help prevent any antibiotic resistance in bacteria from actually spreading. Whereas bacteria can survive on stainless steel surfaces for weeks, it will die within minutes on copper surfaces, making it safer for use in homes, daycares and even, hospitals.

Brass Decorative Fixtures

In today's most stylish homes, brass makes great decorative fixtures, whether it is incorporated in the design of an accent table, coffee table, lamp, or chandelier. It’s popular since it goes well with a lot of other materials such as marble and even concrete. Brass also comes in a number of colors. It can even have a matte or high gloss finish.

As a number of designers have found, brass is incredibly easy to decorate with. When designing a home, you can mix brass with other metal tones such as copper, and rose gold to make any space bolder and more stunning. Brass also happens to blend spectacularly with both black and white. If you are looking to make a bold statement, you can display a big brass decorative item in a room surrounded by white and other neutral tones. This way, your fixture will definitely be the focal point of the entire space.

Without a doubt, brass remains one of the most reliable metals in home design today. As extrusions are available in both T-shape and handrail forms, it’s easy to find the right shape for different applications. This way, you can be sure that you always get a brass extrusion that is just right.

About Rotax Metals:

At Rotax Metals, we are proud to have several types of brass extrusions available for all of our clients. This allows us to cater to a wide variety of applications, including architectural details, decorative fixtures, gates, and musical instruments. We also offer brass plates and sheets to suit your other requirements.


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Top Things to Look for in Bronze Sheet Metal for Industrial Applications

It might sound old and cliché, but not every bronze sheet metal is created equal. Depending on its scrap composition and its point of manufacture, a single piece of bronze metal (either in the form of sheet, plate, tube or bar) can be considered as a superior product to those that come from another supplier.

If you are in the business of designing and fabricating intricate industrial parts, this information is highly critical. As much as possible, you would want to use primary materials that are versatile and high-performing, without significantly increasing your overhead costs or reducing your potential profit.

Designing Using the Right Bronze Alloy

For machine and equipment designers, a good design should indicate the right bronze alloy for the job. Service conditions, lubrication, and operating modes can greatly influence a designer’s decision in choosing the correct material. Because bronze has a wide range of both physical and chemical attributes, the fabricator must select the material that will provide optimum performance. Read more on this blog:

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Many Designers Opt to Use Brass Angle in Home and Commercial Interiors

When you want your interior design to exude unparalleled elegance, you can't do any better than brass. It's the one metal that gives your work a yellow gold finish. Indeed, brass is the one metal that you’d want to work with if you’re looking to make a bold statement.

Brass is a relatively easy metal to work with. It has good machinability properties and can be joined to other copper alloys. The copper in brass gives it a natural ability to inhibit bacterial growth. One study done by Southampton University in the UK found that using brass and copper fittings in hospitals may help stop the spread of fingertip or touch contamination. That means it's the perhaps the safest and most hygienic metal choice that you would ever make.

Here are some ways that brass angles can be used in different spaces to lend a touch of class:

Brass Door Jamb, Frame Protection and Sill

Brass angles are a popular choice for door jambs. Recently though, designers have gone much further with brass. Brass can also be used as a door frame to help keep doors and entryways better protected against any damage that could be caused by pedestrian traffic or equipment.

Brass also makes good door sill protectors and threshold covers. It can also be used for ramp cover plates that make it much easier for wheelchairs and other accessories with wheels to pass through an entry way. Indeed, brass' yellow gold glow will improve the aesthetics of any door or entryway.

Brass Handrail

Staircases are one part of the interior where several people pass through day and night. Hence, you need to make sure that the entire structure, especially the rails, is durable. Fortunately, brass does a good job of remaining sturdy for a long time. Since it is also antimicrobial, you don't have to worry about people touching the handrails spreading dangerous pathogens. Indeed, brass makes passing through stairways a lot safer to the health.

Brass Step Guards

One of the best ways to keep the steps in good condition is to install brass angle step guards. Especially in a place where there is a high volume of traffic on a daily basis, you need a step guard that will stay on the steps and not crack without warning. At the same time, reliable step guards such as those made from brass will help prevent people from slipping.

Even to this day, brass angles can be used in a number of ways to improve home and commercial establishment interiors. Especially in high traffic commercial areas, consider using brass fittings and fixtures. This way, you can give the space a great look while keeping everyone a little bit safer from possible contamination.

About Rotax Metals:

At Rotax Metals, we make sure to provide all of our customers in various industries the exact type, profile, and size of metal that they require. This is why we offer our brass profiles and sheets in many different sizes. We also offer copper and bronze plates, sheets, and profiles.


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Traditional and Modern Methods of Engraving Brass for Sign Makers

Brass is a popular choice for signs because of its surface that ages beautifully in time and its impressive resistance to corrosion. Engraving brass consists of cutting, carving, or printing on brass steel plates. Some examples of brass signs are office and residential plaques for inner and external grounds as well as commemorative signage. If you’re new to using brass and want to know both the classic and the latest techniques, here are several methods for engraving brass.

Intaglio Process

Intaglio is the Italian word for carve, referring to a technique for etching on a metal plate. For intaglio, images can be inked and subsequently printed on the brass. The ink sticks to the grooves or lowered parts and then put back to the paper. Read more on this blog:

Why Furniture Manufacturers Are Using Brass Channel for Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures with brass elements are coming back strong, thanks to customers who love either a touch of brass or all-brass appliances. Most love its golden color, while others are surprised to learn of its other interesting hues! Furniture makers agree with their clients that brass is one of the best materials for making lighting products for many other reasons.

Wide Array of Colors

You’d think brass only comes in yellow and that’s it, but you’re wrong. Brass can be red, brown, and even silver! If you want a red patina on your brass, try adding copper acetate and copper sulfate or potassium ferrocyanide. For brownish brass, add 1% manganese. To get a silver color, add nickel silver. Many prefer the yellow or gold sheen which is the common color of brass that can make their lighting fixtures look refined. Read more on this blog:

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Today's Most Stylish Home Design Trends Are Inspired by Amazing Bronze Sheets

Whether you are looking to give a client's home a stylish remodel or you are designing a brand new home interior, one thing is for sure: you can't afford to ignore the beauty of bronze. Various home design experts are saying that bronze is the most wanted metal for home design today. As bronze tends to warm up any space almost effortlessly, it's no wonder that they’re used to decorate various parts of the home. Some designers also say that oil-rubbed bronze can be treated as a neutral metal and can be combined with other metals like brass, gold, stainless steel and even brushed metals.

Here are some of the latest trends in home design that are undoubtedly inspired by bronze sheets:

Bronze in Lighting Fixtures

This time around, metals like gold and brass are said to be out in home design. Instead, home designers are giving way to bronze. This is a lot more evident when it comes to lighting fixtures.

The look they’re trying to achieve is a glow that’s warmer and more inviting than yellow gold. That's why lamp shades today tend to have a bronze finish inside. The same thing goes for shades of pendant lights and chandeliers. There is also the option to use chandeliers in the living or dining room that come with bronze canopies. They are perfect in giving any room a bit more elegance.

Bronze in the Bedroom

Even the bedroom is getting a little metallic update with bronze. This particular metal is present in a number of bedroom fixtures, including nightstands, drawers and even ceiling fans. There are also designers who opt to give bedroom fireplaces a bronze finish. After all, it looks spectacular when mixed with wood windows and white walls.

Bronze in the Kitchen

Today's kitchens are also taking on a bronze upgrade. Bronze is becoming a prominent metal of choice for use in both counter tops and sinks. Some of the best-selling kitchen hardware today also happens to feature bronze, especially in cabinets. Bronze has also become a popular choice in kitchen accessories such as decorative bowls. In addition, bronze also seems to be a popular finish for various kitchen appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators.

Bronze in the Bathroom

Today's bathrooms are meant to inspire homeowners to relax, reflect and feel rejuvenated. That’s why making it look warm and inviting is a must. To achieve this, designers turn to bronze, whether it's for a faucet, a mirror frame or even drawer handles.

Without a doubt, these home design trends with bronze are going to be in demand across homes in America for quite some time. After all, who would not want to make their home warmer and more elegant at the same time. That's exactly what bronze can do and that's why it works.

About Rotax Metals:
At Rotax Metals, we take pride in being able to supply various types of metals according to our customer's use and specifications. When it comes to bronze, we offer bronze sheets, angles, channels, extrusions, rods and tubes. We also offer similar types for both brass and copper.


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The Conditions Causing Dezincification of Naval Brass and How to Avoid Them

Naval brass is widely used in marine construction due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and suitability to salt and freshwater settings. Brass is a popular material for propeller shafts, turnbuckles, and valve stems as well as many other marine fittings. However, sometimes, due to certain conditions, naval brass may experience dezincification, a kind of dealloying process wherein Zinc is removed from the alloy and leaves behind a copper-rich metal which is more porous. If you’re a boat maker, here’s what you need to know about the signs of dealloying Zinc, factors that can contribute to dezincification, and how you can prevent it.

Signs and Factors of Dezincification

Brass is in the stage of dezincification if you see dull red spots on the surface after extended exposure to an industrial atmosphere or mildly-acidic waters. You may also find a white substance or mineral stains on the exterior of brass fittings. Water may start weeping from bodies or seals too. Alpha-beta brass used in underground fittings may be prone to breakage once zinc has leached. In addition, meringue dezincification can result in blocked passageways of pipes and valves. Read more on this blog:

Why You Should Use Brass Sheet Metal When Manufacturing Utensils

If you grew up using kitchen utensils made of tin, clay, or aluminum, it’s time to be aware of an alloy that’s been utilized for many years in other cultures because of its benefits. For thousands of years, the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru in Punjab applies a traditional technique in making brass and copper utensils. They procure brass sheet metal and hammer it into curved shapes to produce bowls, water pots, and cookware. Brass, an alloy of zinc and copper, is a great alternative to common utensil materials for many reasons.

Reasons to Choose Brass for Creating Utensils

Brass is widely regarded for its natural beauty. It has a wide range of stunning colors from gold to brown. Adding 1% manganese to brass can produce a chocolate color. If your clients like buying attractive things, they will love brass utensils. Brass sheet metals can be turned into lovely jugs, cups, plates, forks, and spoons. Because you can buy malleable brass, you can etch, write, or stamp on it. The designs of your brass utensils are literally endless! Read more on this blog:

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Copper Sheet Supplier Can Meet the Demands Modern Kitchen Design Trends

If there is one metal that is simply perfect for kitchen design, it would have to be copper. After all, this metal sports a warm almost rose gold glow that can make any kitchen space inviting and luxurious at the same time. Here are some kitchen design trends you can follow today with the help of you copper sheet supplier.

Copper Tiles

Lining the kitchen walls with copper tiles make for a unique and clever design that can be used throughout the entire space. It gives a bit of color and character to the area while also helping it look more warm and inviting. What's more, copper tiles can come in a wide array of design patterns. It can be mosaic, penny, hexagon, metro, contemporary metallic and many others. Any of these copper tile design patterns would certainly make any kitchen wall more elegant.

Copper Backsplash

The main purpose of kitchen backsplashes is to protect the wall behind the stove or sink. However, that doesn't mean that it cannot be made more interesting through the use of copper sheets. When it comes to designing the backsplash with copper, some designers may opt to use stylish copper tiles. On the other hand, there is also nothing wrong with using copper flashing for this feature. It's easier to put on and is just as impressive.

Copper Countertops

Countertops made with copper are definitely in high demand. Aesthetically, they make any kitchen look both luxurious and inviting. At the same time, copper seems to be the practical option since they are relatively less expensive than other available metal options. In addition, a copper countertop would be able fight off bacteria more effectively because it's antimicrobial by nature. This also means that it is a much easier countertop material to clean and maintain.

Copper is also known to develop great a patina over time. This is one of the reasons why homeowners simply can't get enough of them. In fact, when you use unsealed copper, it will gradually transition to blend of matte greens, browns and reds. These colors can certainly make any kitchen look better.

Copper Sinks

Aside from countertops, copper is also being featured prominently as kitchen sinks across homes today. This is most likely supported by the US Environmental Protection Agency which said that antimicrobial copper can continuously kill over 99.9 percent of bacteria that can cause some healthcare-associated infections or HAIs. For this reason alone, opting to put in sinks fashioned from hammered copper is definitely worth it.

Copper Accents

In some cases, copper is not exactly the main feature of the kitchen design. However, it still makes for a pretty bold statement when it is utilized as kitchen accents. It can be kitchen cabinets that are designed with copper handles. There is also an increase in demand for copper colored handles and even copper appliances. Indeed, copper will find its way into the kitchen one way or another.

These kitchen design trends definitely make one thing clear: copper will remain a prominent feature in kitchens across America for a long time. After all, it's not only stunning, it's antimicrobial too.

About Rotax Metals:
At Rotax Metals, we are proud to be a leading copper sheet supplier in the country. Just like the brass and bronze sheets that we provide, our copper sheets come in various hardness, thickness, sizes, and strength. This allows us to supply products with just about any specification that you may require.


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Here's How Sheet Metal Suppliers Are Making Headlines in Industrial Interior Design

There's no doubt about it, sheet metal is taking over various facets of interior design especially when it comes to offices and other industrial spaces. It's no wonder that it's all everyone is talking about as evidenced by some popular designs today. Here are some trends in office interior design that are definitely inspired by sheet metal suppliers:

Perforated Metals Make a Bold Statement

Today, installing a staircase that features intricately perforated metal is a great way to make a dramatic statement in a spot where many people pass every single day. Depending on the design, perforated metal can be used to design the staircase treads or even railings.

Perforated metal can also serve as a suspended ceiling throughout an entire office space. This provides both interesting acoustic qualities and visual effects especially when you turn the lights on.

Perforated metal can also be used to give privacy between workers by using it as office partition walls. It can also serve as a space divider so that guests in an office lobby would not have a full view of the entire workspace during a visit.

Perforated metal as furniture pieces are also growing in popularity in modern offices. There are now a number of kitchen, cabinet and office furniture designs made of perforated metal.

Warm Elements Mixed With Raw Metal

Another trend sweeping office and industrial design is the marriage of raw metal with an assortment of warm elements. It makes for a modern industrial interior design that is impressive without feeling cold and uninviting. Hence, expect to see more designs that mix metals with the likes of brick, leather, cork and even marble and unfinished wood.

Use of Artistic Metal Decor

Sheet metal also happens to be in great demand for crafting various industrial decorative elements. These include chandeliers, table pieces and several other kinds of wall decor.

Preference Towards Darker Metals

Today is said to be the time where dark colored metals are in high demand. That's because they can be easily incorporated into just about any decor style, whether the look is meant to follow minimalist, modern, industrial, nautical, bohemian, feminine or even rustic style. Dark metals have a certain sophistication about them. This is particularly true of burnt colored metals, including oiled bronze.

Brass as the New Gold

Gold is attractive but very expensive. That’s why brass is the preferred metal for interior design. After all, brass is extremely capable of giving a space an opulent look without costing as much as gold. At the same time, polished brass can be used to design and craft a number of stunning modern furniture as well as accessories.

Without a doubt, sheet metal is taking over industrial interior design today. With metal's reliability and durability, you can certainly expect that this trend would continue for a long time. After all, there is always something attractive and fascinating about having interior features that are both beautiful and strong.

About Rotax Metals:

At Rotax Metals, we are proud to be the leading sheet metal supplier in the country. Our metal products cater to all kinds of professional requirements, such as architecture, jewelry design, furniture design, hardware, plumbing, and heating. We are highly experienced in supplying metals with the exact specifications you need every single time.


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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How Furniture Makers Are Using Brass Square Tube for Beautiful Modern Pieces

Since 2016, brass has been making waves as furniture manufacturers turn to this alloy for new, exciting pieces. One of the most prominently used nowadays is brass square tube as it can fit diverse architectural home styles, from traditional to modern houses. For ideas, here are three different furniture categories with brass square tube elements.

Tables and Chairs

Due to the durability and corrosion resistant properties of brass, it is popular in manufacturing tables and chairs. Several designers are melding wood and brass together. The main frames have brass square tube, while the seats and back rests are composed of oak, walnut, or other kinds of wood that will fit the general interior design of a home. Tabletops can also have brass tubes for legs and can be charred black and then polished for added personality. Brass tubes can be welded to glass for tables in the living room too. They are perfect for offices that want a touch of gold for a classic, professional look. Read more on this blog:

Tips on How to Effectively Age Brass Tube for Furniture Makers and Designers

Many customers love brass that has a patina finish because it gives their home a unique, rich character. If you want to quickly achieve the classic patina look for brass, do it properly to get the best results. Furniture makers and designers can make brass look like an antique rapidly in different ways instead of waiting for time to work on it. You can age brass either through natural means or patina chemicals. Brass tube can be tricky to “distress.” Here are tips on how to achieve the patina of age for brass tubes.

Acetone and Vinegar

To distress brass naturally, you can use acetone and vinegar instead of the usual patina-inducing chemicals. First, soak a fine nylon scrubber pad in acetone and use this to scrub the brass. If you want to scratch your brass more, use coarse steel wool instead of a nylon scrubber. Acetone will remove the lacquer finish and clean the brass tube without harming unsealed ones. Read more on this blog:

Monday, August 7, 2017

Looking for a New Metal to Work with in Your Jewelry Design? Consider Using Brass for Sale

When you want to craft a jewelry piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and alluring, you should certainly consider using brass. After all, it's one metal that is as beautiful as it is reliable. That's why many jewelry designers enjoy working with it.

Here are some of the smartest reasons as to why you should turn to brass for sale when crafting fine jewelry pieces for your market.

It Closely Resembles Gold

Who doesn't like gold jewelry? Gold, however, is more expensive than other metals. That's why brass is seen as the more affordable alternative to gold. More importantly, it has a close resemblance to the warm yellow glow that you would especially see in some textured 18k and 24k yellow gold jewelry. This allows you to create stunning jewelry pieces for just a fraction of the cost. Without a doubt, your brass jewelry creations will be a hit in the market. Who knows? Some of your customers may even forget about gold altogether.

It Can Stand up to Heat

One of the most awesome qualities of brass is that it can easily stand up to relatively intense heat. That means you don't have to worry about having any splats on your soldering table. Instead, you can hold brass to a flame and be confident that you can work with it safely and without much effort.

It Is Relatively Easy Solder

Soldering a jewelry made of brass is actually quite easy. Moreover, the process is made even simpler since there’s only one kind of solder that you can use for brass. That also means that there's no chance you would become confused when you go to the supply or hardware store.

It’s Great for Casting

The casting method is especially popular when it comes to costume pieces and brass is an incredibly good metal to cast. That's because brass happens to have a low melting point.

It Doesn't Easily Corrode

Brass does not easily corrode, even when used daily. This is why a lot of customers prefer getting a jewelry piece that is made with this type of metal. Depending on its copper content, however, it may develop a green tinge as time goes by. At this point, your jewelry design would still be just as amazing and fashionably wearable.

It Produces Gorgeous Patinas

Perhaps one of the best reasons to opt to use brass is because it creates some amazing patinas. In fact, you can produce a nice verdigris look with it. It will certainly make your creations stand out in any store.

For all these reasons, you should definitely include some brass creations in your jewelry line. They would be a instant hit to your customers. What's more, they would be glad to know that your brass pieces are capable of lasting for years to come.

About Rotax Metals:

At Rotax Metals, we can provide any metal you may require whether you need them for architectural design, metal fabrication, jewelry pieces, or any other application. We stock various types of brass for sale, such as brass sheets, rods, coils, angles, extrusions, and tubes. We also offer bronze and copper in different shapes and sizes.


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Alternative Metals for Jewelry Making: 6 Reasons I’ve Become a Fan of Brass Jewelry,
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Square Brass Tubes in Interior Design

Designing furniture often starts out with selecting the right materials. They vary today depending on what properties you’re looking for. In terms of structure and durability, square brass tubing may be just what you need to give clients something truly unique.

Luxury Shelves

Because of its durable nature, square brass tubing works well when used as frame for shelves. It can support a lot of weight and is rather easy to secure on walls thanks to its flat sides. 

You’ll also have many visual directions to go in. You could, for example, select polished brass that gives off a shiny luster. Clients then have practical centerpieces to add to their living room or bedroom. Or, you can select square brass tubing that’s aged a bit. Where the shelves lack in shine, they more than make up for in personality. 

This Is How You Make Your Interior Design Stand Out With Muntz Metal

If you want to make a statement in any building, you can never go wrong with muntz metal. Muntz metal has a unique shade, making it perfect to work in order to add elegant touches to any design. In fact, that's exactly what architects and designers have been doing today.

When you're a designer looking for an alloy able to give off a nice soft gold tone, Muntz is one metal you can depend on for inspiration. Muntz is sometimes known as yellow metal, which is a form of alpha-beta brass. It's primarily composed of 60 percent copper and 40 percent zinc and is quite durable. This is exactly why muntz is being used to build machine parts that need to be corrosion resistant. Read more from this blog:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Benefits of Working with Muntz Metal

Invented in the 19th century, muntz metal is made from a combination of copper and zinc. Because of its lightweight and durable nature, it’s one of the most popular alloys in history. Here are several reasons why you might utilize this material for an upcoming project.

Unique Appearance 

This unique alloy is coveted for its yellowish appearance. It’s actually been called the yellow metal, perfect for projects that need a unique look or a high-end appearance. With a little touching up, muntz metal can look like gold. Only, you won’t have to spend thousands on materials.

Then you have muntz pieces that have weathered a bit. They have character and almost tell a story for whatever piece they are incorporated into.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Copper and Brass Sales: National and Global Trends

A valuable base metal, copper has been esteemed for its role in building infrastructure and in completing even the most intricate electrical circuits. In 2016 alone, sources estimate that the worldwide use of copper has reached beyond 22 million metric tons. The International Copper Study Group (ICSG) notes that this global consumption may rise by 1.5% in the next year.

Supply Versus Demand

Though the worldwide usage for copper and its alloys is slated to grow steadily, the ICSG declares that the global copper production will exceed the usage by up to 160,000 metric tons. The US Geological Service (USGS) further puts the markets at ease by stating that nearly 72 billion metric tons of copper are found in reserves beneath the earth’s crust. And with nationwide copper recycling recovering nearly 700,000 metric tons of the material, it can be safe to say that there will be no shortage of this base metal in the near future.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Liven Up Your Kitchen with Bronze Sheets

Farmhouse sinks made of solid bronze give every kitchen that rustic and industrial appeal. While sheets are often ordered as 18 gauge or 14 gauge, bathroom sinks require lighter and thinner sheets, which are about 20 gauge. Countertops need the heavy 14 gauge bronze sheets as these surfaces are expected to experience a lot of pressure and stress from daily usage.

Caring for Bronze

Kitchens and bronze go well together because of the alloy’s resistance to corrosion and wear and tear. Even with constant exposure to water, bronze sheets and tubes remain solid and rust-free, and its surface even develops a nicely weathered and classic look. Cleaning bronze just requires a bit of mild soap and water. Tough stains can be tackled with a bit of baking soda. It is not advisable to use ammonia, bleach, and strong acids when scrubbing bronze fixtures, as these compounds can lead to stress corrosion cracking.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Here's How a Copper Sheet Supplier Can Help You Sell to All Kitchens

Today's cooking and dining scene have become more attractive and more intriguing because of copper. In fact, if you visit several commercial kitchens today, copper is everywhere and for good reason. It's a metal with a specific kind of hue, one that is unique, stylish and timeless. At the same time, many professional chefs swear that copper is as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention cooking with copper has been found to be quite beneficial too.

For one thing copper is great at conducting heat. This means food is always cooked evenly, which helps both home and professional kitchens produce impressive gourmet dishes. In fact, because of this even heat temperature, there are no more hot spots in the cookware, which typically causes food to stick. Read more from this blog:

Friday, June 9, 2017

Brass Tubing: Categories and Properties

Depending on the project, brass can be purchased in various forms, gauges, and sizes. For instance, you can choose to get sheets that you can freely shape in any way. Some brasses work best for water applications or electrical work. How is the alloy classified? And what are its other favorable physical characteristics?

Alpha Brasses

Based on their crystalline structures, some brasses are categorized as alpha brasses, in which majority is copper and the zinc content is about 37% or less. UNS C26000, aka cartridge brass, is a well-known example of this variety of alloy, and it is very ductile, malleable, and ideal for cold working. Other low zinc brasses are 70/30 brass and yellow brass, which are often used for hardware and ornamental projects. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Protecting the Brass Square Tube from Corrosion

Like many copper alloys, brass has proudly proven its irreplaceable significance in industry. Exhibiting the same malleability, ductility, and excellent thermal conductivity as its mother metal copper, brass is a viable alternative for use in cooling and heating systems. To be specific, brass fittings and tubes are used in the manufacturer of heat exchangers, as the alloy is tough, versatile, and highly-resistant to damage.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Attributes to Assess When Ordering Brass

Whether you’re a metal fabricator or an architectural designer, you may come to rely on brass metals at some point. Here are some characteristics to consider before ordering this material in bulk.


Like most materials, you’ll want to consider how thick you want brass to be. The thicker the brass, the more you’ll pay since more materials are involved. Brass thickness is categorized by gauge level. The lower the gauge, the thicker it will be.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Custom Projects Using Brass Angles

In terms of its aesthetics and structure, brass angle is a great material to work with for metal fabricators. Using this material, you can create artful projects that last.

Table Bases

Since brass angle is naturally durable, it works well as table bases. You can select thick pieces that can hold whatever object is placed on top. The luster coming from the bottom adds to any table’s visual appeal. Glass, in particular, vibes nicely with brass angle and is perfect for clients looking for a retro look.

If these tables are being placed on concrete or tile, it’s helpful to place some sort of rubber material on the bottom of the angles. This way, clients’ floors are completely protected from scratches and marks.

How to Care for Outdoor Statues and Displays Sculpted from Bronze Bars

You are likely to find outdoor statuary adorning any commercial landscape project. When done well, they emote boldness and a sovereignty. Such displays can invoke a theme central to a client's business, home or other property. When you need the quintessential sculpture in this vein, bronze serves your purpose superbly.

Bronze statues are hardly new. In fact, over the last several years, myriad commercial outdoor spaces have resorted to bronze statuary to convey a theme or image. Such sculptures are typically crafted from bronze bars. In some cases, they can also be honed from a bronze tube. Read more from this blog:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Incorporating Brass Tube and Other Metals to Upgrade Bathroom Designs

Homeowners looking to upgrade their properties may not always have the cash to finance an entire renovation in one go. Instead, they will choose a section to prioritize and then improve on the rooms one by one.
Usually, however, it’s either the kitchen or the bathroom that will be upgraded first. This is because these sections of the house have a really big influence on the property’s aesthetic and overall value.
Apart from that, however, they also do tend to be the most expensive. Designers are often left with the challenge of meeting the requirement of the client to give them a well-designed bathroom, for example, but with very limited funds. One way to address this is to pick your materials well. Read more on this article:

Effective Methods For Cleaning Your Brass Sheet Metal Decor Pieces

With brass being one of the trendiest materials used for interior design, it wouldn’t be surprising if you have more than just a couple of items that have brass elements in them. They’re a great choice as an interior design element because its natural shine and appearance can easily elevate the ambiance of a room from plain to elegant.
Part and parcel of having brass decorative items or fixtures, however, is the task of cleaning it to maintain its shine. Otherwise, it will develop a dull patina over time. There are others, however, who prefer this because it supposedly adds texture. Nonetheless, here are some effective cleaning tips that you can apply for pieces made of brass sheet metal. Read more on this article:

How to Efficiently Work with Bronze Bars and Other Brass Materials

Jewelry makers absolutely love working with bronze, and not only for its versatility and flexibility as a metal, but for its aesthetically pleasing look as well. Combined with the right techniques and designs, bronze is a jewelry maker’s dream.
If you’re just about to foray into this venture, do yourself a favor by knowing how to best handle the material so you can reap the most benefit from it.

Bronze Basics

Bronze is largely considered to be a great substitute for gold, particularly the 10 or 14 carat type, and mostly because of its similarity in tones. An alloy composed of copper and tin, bronze is very easy to shape and mold, given proper exposure to the right temperature or force. Read more on this article: