Friday, November 7, 2014

Bed Manufacturers Should Consider Using Brass Tube Products for Frames

It might sound counterintuitive at first for consumers to buy metal beds, but once they come around and see how durable and elegant such frames can be, the sturdy furniture can turn out to be a sensation. Indeed, specific metals such as brass make stylish furniture if fabricated and assembled right. Manufacturers and fabricators should capitalize on this trend while it is at its infancy, and should start producing their own bed frames immediately. It will help producers if they can coordinate with a trustworthy brass tube supplier such as Rotax Metals so that they have a steady supply of materials at hand. Brass has a beautiful and distinct sheen that makes it appealing to use as furniture. It is also naturally non-ferromagnetic, which can be handy for the most judicious homeowners.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Brass Applications In Homes and Various Industries

Brass has been one of the more tenured metals in the market. People in previous ages, upon the discovery of zinc, have used brass for various purposes, such as in forging tools and weaponry. Fast forward to the twenty-first century, brass is still used as a viable metal, mainly serving as pipework, such as for indoor plumbing and home and car radiators, among others.

Brass is mainly copper with the addition of zinc. This copper alloy, distinct from bronze, which can be mixed with other metallic substances (manganese, phosphorus, silicon, but mainly tin) yields a highly malleable material ideal for many everyday objects from decorative doorknobs and lighting fixtures to low-friction applications, such as valves, plumbing components, electronic parts, and musical instruments.

All about Brass

Brass is easily distinguished as a buttery yellow-colored metal often associated with the wind instruments used in marching bands. It is an alloy (mixture) of copper and zinc, and basic iterations of brass typically consist of 67% copper and 33% zinc. It is praised for its durability, workability, and aesthetic value throughout the world and is used in a wide variety of applications. It’s a relatively old alloy produced as early as the 5th Century B.C. by the ancient Chinese.

Durable Brass Sheet Metal for Manufactured Steampunk Fantasy Products

Pop culture can be a surprising source of inspiration for manufacturers, and the steampunk movement is only one of many followings with specific design aesthetics. Of course, fabricators and producers of fantasy d├ęcor will want to use authentic materials in order to please their discriminating, pop culture-savvy customers. Those who choose to produce steampunk items will need things such as high quality brass sheet metal to create Victorian-inspired clockwork masterpieces and the like. While brass is an iconic metal in steampunk aesthetics, it can be tricky to work with. There are many alloys possible with brass, and it takes considerable know-how to produce such metals with consistency.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Copper Can Be Cool

Cryonic vats are a staple of popular fiction, whether in games or sci-fi TV shows. The idea is that a person kept in extreme subzero temperatures can survive long enough to be thawed and revived in the future. The extreme cold slows (but not stops) his metabolism, slowing several processes like aging.

In Ships, Ordinary Bronze Won't Do

Marine propellers ended the era of sails and masts in maritime travel. Attached to the bottom of the stern, just behind the fin, the propeller provides thrust for the ship. It spins way slower than propellers on a prop plane since water is denser than air. In addition, ship propellers can spin in reverse, whereas propellers in planes—while having the capability—rarely do it.

From Brass Sheet Metal to Instrument: Advice for Trumpet Manufacturers

Although technology has allowed for the creation of plastic trumpets, many professional trumpeters still prefer the ones made of high-quality brass sheet metal due to the better range of notes of the latter. Generally, this is something that is influenced by your manufacturing method. As for durability, using a yellow brass channel (70-30 copper to zinc ratio) from an established supplier like Rotax Metals should go a long way in guaranteeing the longevity of the instruments you manufacture.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Turning Bronze Bars into Art: How to Turn a Profit from Sculptures

While there are many people who believe art should be done for art’s sake, art is also profitable, especially if one has the skill, talent, and determination to succeed. With many trusted suppliers of bronze bars such as Rotax Metals providing high quality metals, aspiring sculptors would do well to begin using the material for more high-profile pieces. If you plan to create and sell bronze sculptures in the future, keep the following tips in mind: Use Quality Bronze Bronze itself is an amalgam of various metals, so in a sense, there is no such thing as pure bronze.