Monday, January 23, 2017

Brass Suppliers--Products that Offer a Clean Look

In recent years, brass has experienced a renaissance, thanks to a skyrocketing demand from interior designers and architects. Brass embodies everything required for a successful project: beauty, durability, resistance to rust and corrosion, and thriftiness when it comes to expense.

What many people might not know, however, is that brass is also in high demand in the medical field and in public places. Why? It also possesses another great property: It is germicidal.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Brass Square Tube Proves a Good Source for Pipes

Most homeowners believe the plumbing business is all about unclogging their pipes or ensuring that the pipes work well day in and day out. These pros, however, actually deal with challenges that are much more complex. Among their major tasks is to source materials that can withstand humidity in bathrooms, can last for a long time under pressure, while ensuring that your plumbing doesn’t rust or corrode through the years. All of these are essential requisites to the comfort and safety of your home.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Lifting the Mood in Residential Bathrooms with Quality Brass Tubing

Most people rarely spend more time in the bathroom than they need to. It’s merely a stopover before the morning rush to work, or a quick rest stop before resuming daily activities. That’s why many homeowners settle for the most basic of bathroom design and fittings before focusing on beautifying other areas of the house.

 With the right touches, however, the bathroom can be a magnificent sanctuary inside your home. It can be a place to collect yourself and find your center before finding the hustle and bustle of the day.

Creating this ambiance doesn’t have to be expensive nor extravagant, either. Strategic design elements using quality brass tubing can spread a lovely visual warmth and feel inside any bathroom in your home.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Builders Favor Brass Sheet Metal as a Source

Hardware material plays an essential role in building anything. It can lend function and style to doors, cabinets, vents, and windows, among other structural elements. Anything from door knobs, to locks, to hinges, to window cranks, and cabinet pulls depends on hardware for their function and durability. Even heating and air conditioning systems rely on the hardware used to properly serve their functions.

These days, builders are turning to brass, such as that sourced from brass sheet metal, as the material of choice. It is because of the advantages this metal offers.

The Beloved Metal of Open Seas: Keeping Ships Afloat With Muntz Metal

It’s a harsh world out there in the ocean. Many normal metals that function perfectly on land would not survive for long under the punishing conditions of sun and saltwater. That’s why special metals are needed to keep boats and ships functioning well for many years. Muntz metal is one such metal, and for lovers of the sea, it’s a necessary part of exploring the deep blue.

The Origins of Muntz Metal

It’s easy to assume that Muntz is its own type of metal, but it’s actually a brass alloy. The name Muntz came from George Fredrick Muntz who invented it in 1832. He perfected its zinc and copper content in Birmingham, and Muntz metal has been indispensable in various industries since then, most notably shipping.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Get the Right Material for Projects with Copper Sheet Metal Suppliers

Originating from the Latin word “Cuprum,” copper is humanity’s oldest metal. Its discovery dates as far back as 8, 700 B.C. with a copper pendant discovered in Northern Iraq. In fact, copper has been with man for so long, the Egyptians had a symbol for copper within the hieroglyphs — the ankh, which they also used to denote eternal life.

Copper has improved life for mankind through the centuries, and it continues to be an invaluable metal today. Industries as diverse as shipping and interior design rely on copper to create projects that are beautiful, functional, and durable.

 No matter the industry you are in, you might eventually find yourself looking for copper sheet metal suppliers to give exactly what you need to complete your project. In this case, an experienced, reliable contractor is a valuable ally when you’re sourcing for materials.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Enact Sustainable Business Practices through Copper and Brass Sales

The market is seeing a significant green trend among businesses—and consumers are taking notice. In 2011, the number of businesses that incorporated eco-friendly practices into their business strategies rose by 65%. Millions of dollars have been invested in green tech, and thousands of clean-energy patents have been filed as of today.

 While this is certainly good news for the planet, sustainable practices are also great news for businesses overall. In fact, trends show that consumers look favorably at companies that adopt these practices.

 If you’re an entrepreneur, going green is clearly an excellent idea. However, the costs of such a shift might be making you hesitate. Yet even a few simple steps, such as integrating eco-friendly materials into the design of your premises, can go a long way, and you might find the solution when you hit copper and brass sales.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spice Up Your Jewelry Design by Applying Brass

Gold may be the standard for jewelry, but brass isn’t letting itself get left behind. An alloy of zinc and copper, brass has earned favor from artisans because of its advantages. The fashion industry welcomes this metal with wide-open arms, especially those designers who aren’t afraid to mix and match.

Whatever fashion statement you want to evoke, there is a piece of brass jewelry out there that will accomplish the task. Steampunk, delicate, conservative, sophisticated: These are only some of the themes to which brass jewelry can add a special touch. It is useful for large, daring bangles and rings as much as it is for fine-beaded earrings, to name just a few applications.

A Trusted Copper Sheet Supplier Shares Basic Copper Cleaning Tricks

Whether you use copper for your industrial projects or for creative ventures, you want the beauty of your creation to last a long time. Of course, you also want your clients to enjoy these as much as you do.

 As a metal, copper does not require much maintenance. With time, it will undergo a natural patination process that transforms its original golden glow to shades of blue, red, green, or brown.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Superiority of a Brass Tube for Any Household Plumbing Project

For many Americans, a home is one of the biggest investments they’ll ever make. It requires significant resources, and will be the hub of a family’s life for decades to come. Therefore, each part of the house should be built to last.

 One of the most important considerations in building a home is the plumbing. It will supply water for everything from baths to washing the dishes. Therefore, proper care must be observed when choosing plumbing material.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Why Brass Sheet Metal is a Huge Hit in the Field of Furniture Design

Furniture design is a respected art tradition. It takes great talent and skill to create inspiring pieces that blend looks and function seamlessly. A furniture designer must not only have an eye for detail, style, and color combinations, but they must also be capable of making careful calculations to ensure that the piece works perfectly.

When it comes to crafting furniture, having great material to work with can certainly enhance the finished product. As an alloy of copper and zinc, brass possesses many features that make it uniquely suited for furniture making. That’s why more furniture designers are turning to brass for pieces that will stand the test of aesthetics and time.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Maintenance Maximizes the Benefits of Brass

Brass is a type of metal that has many beneficial properties. It is durable, malleable, and aesthetically pleasing, which is why it can be used in a variety of applications, including fashion, musical instruments, and decorations. Whatever project you are working on, though, it is not enough that you know how to utilize brass. You should also learn how to take care of it.

Sculpt Your Way to Unforgettable Art Pieces Using Quality Bronze Bars

 The ancient Romans and Greeks have a long and honored history of crafting bronze statuaries. Thousands of images of triumphant athletes, gods, philosophers, heroes, and philosophers fill sanctuaries and temples. These have also graced the public areas of many major cities.

 For centuries, Roman and Greek artists have invented statue types which has influenced the craft up to the present day.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Brass Extrusions Serve Countless Applications

With any project, whether large or small, the ideal material should offer particular attributes: visual appeal, cost-effectiveness, and durability. Brass extrusions provide all of these and more, making them a practical and elegant material for everything from architectural projects to home furnishings.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Musicians Find a Valuable Friend in Brass Channel

Artists do not just rely on their talent to produce good music. Their musical instrument of choice plays a key role, too. It must be able to create high-quality sounds. Otherwise, it can adversely affect the overall appeal of the music. This is why manufacturers ensure that the metal they provide in creating musical instruments is of the highest quality. This is where bass channel comes in.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Brass Angle Serves Many Decorative Purposes

Brass angle, a type of metal consisting of two legs forming a 90-degree angle, is often used for decorative purposes. It is a good material for providing an ornamental accent to wall corners because of its benefits, most notably its workability, resistance to corrosion, and aesthetic value.

The Brass Appeal

This metal is widely known for its beauty. Golden in color, it exudes a character and personality to a decor that other types of metal do not so easily achieve. It can also appear glossy and shiny when polished properly, allowing it to stand out and attract attention.