Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Builders Favor Brass Sheet Metal as a Source

Hardware material plays an essential role in building anything. It can lend function and style to doors, cabinets, vents, and windows, among other structural elements. Anything from door knobs, to locks, to hinges, to window cranks, and cabinet pulls depends on hardware for their function and durability. Even heating and air conditioning systems rely on the hardware used to properly serve their functions.

These days, builders are turning to brass, such as that sourced from brass sheet metal, as the material of choice. It is because of the advantages this metal offers.

Strength and Durability

Solid brass hardware lasts long because it is resistant to corrosion and other harsh elements, allowing property owners to use it for many years. Moreover, brass hardware instills a beauty that is unlikely to fade with the times. It lends a unique touch that endures.


While brass can be more expensive than plated steel and aluminum, you can consider it a smart investment. Thanks to its strength and durability, you will not have to replace or repair it over and over. In fact, it can give you a lifetime of service, helping you save money and time on repairs or heavy maintenance.

Ease of Maintenance

Brass hardware isn’t hard to maintain. Over time, you will notice it turning into a rustic, metallic brown that still exudes a unique beauty. However, there are coatings that you can apply to protect its shine and gloss for many years.

Because of such advantages, builders are utilizing brass—specifically that from brass sheet metal, tubes, channels, and extrusions—for their projects. Subsequently, they can provide to their clients high-quality products and services.

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