Thursday, January 21, 2016

3 Reasons to Choose Brass for Plumbing

Whether it is for domestic, commercial, or industrial plumbing, many builders across the globe agree on brass as their metal of choice. If you are thinking of using it for a plumbing project, these benefits should help you make a final decision.

3 Ways to Kick Up Your Designs with Brass Tubing

For centuries, brass has remained beloved by artisans across the spectrum. Malleable, versatile, and durable, its excellent reputation comes as no surprise. If you are looking for a way to liven up your designs— whether you are decorating your home or using it for a commercial architecture project— brass products might be the answer you are looking for.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Profiling Brass: The Versatile Metal

There’s something about metals like copper and brass that makes it a great material for artwork. They can be used for metal sculpture, installations, or even incorporated into paintings. It can be turned into furniture, accessories, and even used as foundations for constructing buildings.

Why Quality Metal Suppliers Are Crucial

Architectural designers have a lot of need for plentiful stock of tubing bars, metal sheets, brass angles and the likes. These materials are integral to the projects that they will be building, no matter how simple or complex they may be. Whether it be a residential or a commercial space you are working on, having the right knowledge as to which metals to use can make or break your project.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sturdy Structure And Graceful Beauty Provided By Brass Square Tube

The qualities inherent in square brass tube that make it an ideal structural feature include its tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and malleability. This alloy is primarily a combination of copper, zinc and a bit of lead to make this metal workable. Square brass tube is durable enough to use as an internal structure or frame, and attractive enough to be left open and visible.

Consider Muntz Metal for Warm Copper Beauty and Strength

George F. Muntz patented the alloy known as Muntz Metal in 1832. This metal is an excellent choice for casting, as it must be manipulated while it is hot; indeed, this alloy is often used for casting bolts. Muntz metal is a copper and zinc alloy of approximately 60% copper and 40% zinc. Shortly after Muntz received his patent for this durable metal, he began to market it as a substitute for copper. It is less susceptible to corrosion than copper, stronger than copper and much more cost-effective.

Bronze Sheet Patina Development for Customization

Bronze is available in many different alloys. For architectural, furniture, or lighting applications, however, architectural bronze is the standard. This alloy is generally comprised of copper, approximately five percent tin and less than one percent zinc.

Desirable Qualities of Brass Tubing

Brass tubing products are made to meet different residential plumbing and commercial industrial needs. An alloy of zinc and copper, this metal is useful in many plumbing applications, which benefit any type of building.

Brass Angles: Things You Should Know

Are you a shop owner, architect or boat builder thinking of getting the right brass angle for your project? There are some things you should know about brass that will help you make a good choice.