Monday, January 11, 2016

Sturdy Structure And Graceful Beauty Provided By Brass Square Tube

The qualities inherent in square brass tube that make it an ideal structural feature include its tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and malleability. This alloy is primarily a combination of copper, zinc and a bit of lead to make this metal workable. Square brass tube is durable enough to use as an internal structure or frame, and attractive enough to be left open and visible.

Concerns to be considered when working with square brass tube are primarily connected to the zinc in the alloy. Square brass tube can be cut, bent and welded. However, the zinc content in square brass tube requires anyone welding this material to take great care with ventilation requirements. Additionally, depending on the thickness of the walls of the square brass tubing being worked, this material may require an internal heat source to guarantee a complete seal in the weld.

Brass alloys can be polished, clear coated, chemically treated or oxidized to change the look of the metal due to the copper in the alloy. Speeding the oxidization of brass can be done simply by exposure to humidity.

Because brass offers consistent cutting, welding, and oxidization behaviors, this metal tube is an ideal material for open structure construction of lighting fixtures, furniture or other structural framing features that can be left uncovered to the discretion of the designer. The durability of brass in combination with its beauty makes this material a real plus for architects and designers, no matter the era or style they're seeking.

Square brass tube offers the strength and beauty necessary for the unique architectural applications of today and tomorrow.

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