Monday, January 11, 2016

Brass Angles: Things You Should Know

Are you a shop owner, architect or boat builder thinking of getting the right brass angle for your project? There are some things you should know about brass that will help you make a good choice.

What exactly is brass?

It is important to be aware that brass is an alloy, and not an element. It is made by combining copper and zinc in about a 65% to 35% ratio. Almost always, a small amount of lead is added to improve its machinability.

The history of brass.

There was an iron age and a bronze age, but no brass age. This is because it was difficult to produce brass during this period. Copper or bronze tools worked fine for most things, but in today’s modern world brass has become essential.

Advantages of brass

Because of its composition, brass has certain characteristics. An angled piece of metal is vital for many things, but when it is important to avoid sparking its high malleability may make it superior to other metals. Also, it has lower friction than metals like iron, steel or tin which can have serious advantages for manufacturers.

Finally, it is attractive. This makes it an appealing choice for uses in home d├ęcor and wherever appearance makes a difference.

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