Monday, January 11, 2016

Desirable Qualities of Brass Tubing

Brass tubing products are made to meet different residential plumbing and commercial industrial needs. An alloy of zinc and copper, this metal is useful in many plumbing applications, which benefit any type of building.

For this reason, a quality dealership should assist a client in the selection of brass tubing to not only improve the efficiency of your water delivery system but also add to the overall value of your home as well. Here are some qualities of brass tubing that makes it a desirable product.


Since brass is a metal alloy, it is more durable than its original state. This durability makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing plumbing fixtures that are expected to take immense pressure and beating. In fact, once installed, brass tubing will keep its shape for a long period regardless of the material it coveys.


Brass tubing products are very versatile, too. They perform far better than conventional metal fittings. They are available in a vast array of widths, shapes, and sizes. The fittings can also be used to adjust the size of the pipes, making it easier to oversee a new plumbing installation with accurate specifications.


When it comes to metal fittings, brass can be paralleled with metals of extreme corrosion resistance. In fact, people who reside in areas that have water with increased corrosion properties will relish the corrosive quality of brass tubing.

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