Thursday, January 21, 2016

3 Reasons to Choose Brass for Plumbing

Whether it is for domestic, commercial, or industrial plumbing, many builders across the globe agree on brass as their metal of choice. If you are thinking of using it for a plumbing project, these benefits should help you make a final decision.

Brass Can Withstand High Heat

Hot water is an indispensable part of daily life, used for everything from showers, to laundry,  to washing dishes. Therefore, materials used for plumbing should be able to take the heat, day in and day out. Brass pipes are excellent conductors and can therefore tolerate high temperatures, so much so that they are even capable of surviving fires. In turn, this makes for an efficient hot water distribution system.

Brass Lasts for Many Years

When it comes to plumbing, you would naturally want materials that last a long time. Brass is extremely durable and resilient. Compared to metals like steel, for instance, brass doesn't rust easily, nor does it crack or disintegrate in a short period of time. This quality not only means you get more years out of your plumbing, but it also raises overall home value.

Brass is Beautiful

Typically, plumbing is hidden. Brass tubing, however, turns this convention upside down. This metal is a favorite among artisans for its warm, metallic sheen and elegant final look. Wherever plumbing is exposed, trust brass plumbing to lend a vintage, sophisticated air to that particular space.

Resilient, durable, and attractive— these qualities definitely make brass tubing and pipes a wise choice for any plumbing project.

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