Monday, January 18, 2016

Profiling Brass: The Versatile Metal

There’s something about metals like copper and brass that makes it a great material for artwork. They can be used for metal sculpture, installations, or even incorporated into paintings. It can be turned into furniture, accessories, and even used as foundations for constructing buildings.

For those looking into more feasible DIY projects, having access to a good quality metal supplier, such that offers brass for sale, is going to be a must. The same goes for those who are into the business of supplying bulk orders of brass to their clients.

Flexible Strength

Expounding on just how flexible it is, brass can withstand extreme duress in machines, and yet still retain its strength quality. It can be shaped into different forms and thicknesses without affecting its capacity to retain its versatile, malleable, and ductile nature.

Quickmelt Metal

Brass also tends to have lower zinc content compared to other types of metal, that’s why it is preferred for cold works. It also works perfect for welding and brazing jobs, making it easy to cast on its own. It also helps that its surface is actually resistant to corrosion, making it a valuable tool for materials that will be exposed to outdoor elements and regular wear and tear.

Electric Conductor

Another notable characteristic of brass is that it is a very good conductor of heat and electricity. It is, after all, made up of as much as 23% to 44% pure copper.

With these reasons, it’s no wonder why brass is such an in demand material, whether it be for industrial purposes or artistic ones. To know more about this metal, check out suppliers that distribute good quality brass for sale.

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