Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why You Should Use Brass Materials

If you work with metal on a daily basis for clients, brass may be a material that you should not overlook. Not only is it visually striking, but it features a unique makeup that makes it great for many industries and applications.


Brass is a great material to use for many projects because of its durable design. It can withstand high temperatures and last in many types of environments, even places that are wet. You don’t have to worry about this material cracking or breaking easily, giving you confidence when building long-lasting structures that clients expect from you every time.

Unique Aesthetic

A lot of interior designers and fabricators are starting to use more brass in their projects because it has a striking luster. This is particularly true when light hits it at certain angles. It almost resembles a gold-like appearance, coveted for its premium look and affordability.


Brass comes in different thicknesses and sizes and it is very malleable. This makes it a joy to work with and opens up your design options when trying to create something truly unique. It can easily be folded over corners and manipulated to form distinct structures. Additionally, because this metal is so easy to bend, you can usually work on it without needing expensive materials and equipment that may be hard to find.

Brass is a versatile metal that is being used more and more by metal fabricators and designers across the globe. This isn’t surprising because of its look and structural makeup.

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