Thursday, February 16, 2017

Using Brass to Accentuate the Bathroom

Homeowners are doing some amazing things to their bathrooms, and are now using innovative materials that bring life to so many creative projects. You can do the same for your clients seeking eye-catching fixtures and faucets in their bathrooms when you use brass.

Premium Appearance

Gold is one of the most sought-after and precious materials because of its rarity and unique aesthetic. Homeowners looking for the same type of romantic look in their bathroom, can use brass faucets.

Featuring a gold-like appearance, brass doesn’t cost as much as gold and is way easier to find. The shine coming off of these faucets can be a celebrated attribute for many of your clients. Brass also has a warm and inviting look to it, which draws your clients in whenever they are getting ready for the day.

Lacquered vs. Unlacquered

Another great attribute of brass is it comes in different finishes, including lacquered and unlacquered. The first option is sealed, meaning it won’t age over the years. This is a great option for homeowners looking for a vibrant look that always shines throughout the day.

The other option offers a more natural tendency of aging, which some owners aren’t against because it gives their bathroom some personality and a historic feel. Talk to clients to see what option they prefer.

The bathroom today is so much more than a place for getting ready in the morning. Make it a sanctuary for clients, filled with brass materials that shine and look distinctive from all angles.

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