Friday, February 10, 2017

Using Brass Alloys for Home Renovation

With a wide variety of compositions, brass is being used more in home renovations for contractors looking for an affordable and unique material to work with. Home renovation projects, in particular, work well with brass alloys and offer clients inimitable pieces that they can show off for years.

Kitchen Backsplashes

A focal point for any kitchen today is the backsplash. Instead of using ceramic tile, go for brass sheets. They come in several different thicknesses, depending on how stiff you want the material to be.

Thin pieces, for example, are easy to bend and manipulate into unique shapes. Thicker pieces, conversely, are a little more durable for clients who want assurance that their backlash will look great for years. Additionally, brass sheets come in different colors that enhance your design options. You can combine different colored sheets together for a dramatic effect in the kitchen.

Bathroom Mirrors

You can also use brass to renovate your clients’ mirrors in the bathroom. Even if they are old and outdated, wrapping brass around the corners gives them an eclectic look that’s hard not to notice. For this project, you’ll want to use thin brass sheets that are easily to bend over each corner. You also might consider using naval brass for this wet area, since it’s a material that is completely water-resistant.

If you are looking for fresh ideas as a designer or contractor, consider using more brass in your projects. This material comes with many benefits, and is easy to find when you find from a reputable metals dealer.

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