Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Innovative Ways Designers can Use Brass Angle

Designing furniture leads you to many different paths, especially considering the materials that are readily available today. Brass angle, in particular, is a great material to use for the following projects.

Unique Borders

Brass angle has a rectangle shape, a design that works well when trying to border furniture pieces. You can wrap the angle around a trunk, for example, to accentuate the corners and to give it added structural support. This material is fairly easy to bend and manipulate as well, where special tools may not even be required.

It also comes pre-cut if you specify specific dimensions, so you can quickly secure it around your furniture pieces. If you are using this material for structural support, it is recommended to use brass angle that is thick. You might even consider wrapping multiple layers on top of each other for added strength, something you need for delicate and older pieces.

Showcase Art Pieces

Because brass angle is easy to manipulate, there are many possibilities for creating showcase art pieces. You can combine a couple of pieces together to create a unique geometric shape or an iconic pattern, depending on what design you are trying to achieve. Brass angle is particularly great for artistic sculptures and paintings because of its striking luster. It also acquires an interesting patina as it ages.

Brass angle is a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing material to work with. It is also pretty versatile and opens up your world to new possibilities as a designer looking for a fresh take on design.

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