Monday, February 6, 2017

Brass Extrusions Open Up Architectural Design

As an architectural designer, you are always looking for the next big material to use in your projects. In terms of its versatile and beauty, brass extrusions may give you the edge you have been looking for. They can be used for so many creative interior projects that are made to last.

Elegant Towel Racks

You can give clients a bathroom makeover in a cost-effective manner by using brass extrusions to form a striking towel rack. Brass extrusions come in many different sizes and even more varied shapes. This gives you many options as far as designing a unique piece for the bathroom, perfect for holding towels because brass extrusions are durable.

They also come in so many different color options, such as gold, brown, bronze, red, and silver. Choose a look that vibes with other elements in the bathroom, for the perfect in sync look clients appreciate every day.

Candle Stands

If your clients use candles, you could incorporate candle stands made out of brass extrusions in their home. These extrusions can be combined together going upward, holding any sized candle in place. The bronze and brown-like appearance gives clients a rustic theme in their house and lets them set the mood right in a stylish way.

Using brass extrusions in clients’ homes gives you many possibilities as a designer or architect. Its aesthetics create great showpieces for clients, while its durability allows your projects to last a lifetime if properly taken care of. Only your creativity limits what you can create.

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