Friday, May 27, 2016

How Is Brass Tubing Used?

There is a wide range of brass tubing products available on the market today, and a lot of people are still unaware of their applications. Because brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc, the composition and application of these metals may vary. They can be made into different forms and sizes depending on their purpose.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Guide to Buying Brass

Brass is currently among the most widely used materials in the world. It is an alloy of copper and zinc that has been used for centuries due to its heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Brass is available today in many different forms but some of the most common ones are listed below:

Friday, May 20, 2016

Engraving Brass and Other Metals: Starting Your Artisan Craft Business

More and more artisans are discovering the many various things they can do with brass. From artistic grillwork to bespoke jewelry and fixtures, it has consistently proven why it’s a highly preferred metal handiwork material. Customized Art One of the more popular activities that hobbyists turn to and eventually monetize is engraving brass plates. The great thing about this particular item is that engraving can easily be accomplished through a variety of methods. Some use an etching kit, perfect for those who would like to be more traditional and hands-on in the application of an etch design on the brass plate or sheet. Others go for speed and efficiency in the process, and so prefers using a laser, although it may take more effort.

Different Types of Industries that Could Benefit from Brass Sales

Various industries make use of brass materials, whether for construction, design, or decoration. It is because of its unique characteristics of malleability, being rust-proof, and its versatility that makes brass such a coveted metal. If you are thinking of getting into business with one of the industries below, consider one of your first tasks to be looking for a supplier who offers brass sales for wholesale purchases. It’s going to be that much more cost-efficient for you. Interior Design When it comes to this job, the important thing is to stick to the client’s vision as much as possible without sacrificing design feasibility and aesthetics. The interior designer will have to make sure to incorporate the requests of the client into their design, difficult and challenging though it may be.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Importance of Sheet Metal Suppliers in Designing Light Fixtures

Creative lighting fixtures can easily become the focal point in any room. In fact, when there is a limited budget for renovation, the designer would usually invest on a good lighting piece while keeping the rest of the space minimalist. After all, a good design knows that it is important to draw attention toward the centerpiece of the room and away from other areas. It is because of this quick-fix nature of lighting fixtures for interior design that many craftsmen and artisan are veering towards creating bespoke lighting fixtures. The more unique and interesting the design is, the better it will be for the improvement of the space.

Copper and Brass Sales: How to Get Industrial Arts Program Supplies

Creating vocational courses can help in promoting creativity and entrepreneurship with the community. As an educational program, industrial arts provide the knowledge and the skills in the fabrication of wood and metal with the help of machines and various hand and power tools. Benefits of Promoting Industrial Arts The great thing about industrial arts is that students are able to handle and uses various materials like copper and brass. Coupled with the training on how to use the proper equipment, they can then transform these materials into other high quality products, whether these are jewelry, lighting fixtures, or other handicrafts. Being able to practice these skills will help students create quality items, which they can then use to venture later on into manufacturing and retail businesses.

Tips for Selecting Brass for Sale

Whether you are an architect or an engineer, you would know the importance of using brass channels, brass tubes, and brass angles in your project. The versatile nature of the brass alloy makes it one of the most favorable metals when it comes to construction projects. Being a highly heat resistant alloy, brass allows applications where friction or extreme heat is involved. Similarly, brass is also widely used in materials where corrosion must to be avoided.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Start a Copper Cookware Venture with the Right Copper Sheet Supplier

Manufacturing copper-based materials have been getting more popular, especially with helpful DIY methods and a rising interest among hobbyists and the more serious “craftspreneur.” A crucial ingredient to a successful creation of usable product, however, is the kind of material that will be used. First of all, not only should it be suitable in terms of purpose and function, it should also be strong enough to fulfill the tasks that is expected of it. A quality material, therefore, is going to be the underlying requirement for a quality product. Apart from jewelry, another copper-based product that has become very popular today is cookware. Copper pots and pans have been around for a long time, and for very good reason. Copper, with its shiny and reflective surface, not only give the impression of cleanliness and elegance, it also is actually a very good conductor of heat.

The Practical Use of the Versatile Brass Tube in Bathroom Renovations

Sometimes a bathroom renovation becomes a huge success not because of the expensive materials and fixtures installed, but because of the use of simple, shiny materials like a brass tube. For some reason, there’s something about shiny objects that draw people to them. Materials like copper, bronze, and silver, for example, give the illusion of grandeur, though the average homeowner can afford to buy them. For this reason, designers and builders are fond of using these materials to discreetly add that touch of elegance. Brass Tubes in the Bathroom For example, brass tubes can work very well in the bathroom. Handrails, towel racks, and even curtain rods can be replaced with this material, not only to give it that uniform, clean look, but also to offer that quiet elegance with its shiny, reflective surface.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Brass Sheet Metal is a Practical Material for Making Jewelry Pieces

Being a jewelry maker is already a creative endeavor in itself, but making judicious use of available materials can really be quite challenging, especially to those who would like to make groundbreaking, eye-popping designs. Central to fulfilling this objective would be the kind of material used for the project. Because jewelry is something that will be worn on the person’s body, it should not only be pleasing to look at, but also wearable. For this, light and flexible materials like brass sheet metal are in great demand to help the craftsmen create that perfect piece for his customers. Buying Brass Sheets for Jewels The practice of using brass for jewelry is actually nothing new, as civilizations thousands of years ago used brass for this purpose. What makes it different today, however, is the ease of access and its availability as a source material.

The Different Varieties and Uses of Bronze Sheet Metal and Bars

Like any metal, bronze has a wide variety of applications and uses. Due to its nature as an alloy, different compositions of bronze take on different characteristics, and are therefore more applicable in different industries. This is what makes bronze so versatile, and the ability to apply it to a wide spectrum of things makes it an invaluable metal. History A derivative of copper, bronze was developed around 7,000 years ago by ancient people mixing tin with their copper in order to create weaponry, currency, decorations and other items. What they stumbled upon was an alloy harder than copper, while still maintaining corrosion resistance. Brass, an extension of copper and bronze, followed later in history. Zinc’s high melting and boiling point prohibited ancient people from combining copper and zinc. Early examples of brass were formed from a combination of calamine and bronze.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Using Brass Angles for Your Projects

When it comes to choosing the right metal angles for your construction or architectural projects, you have a wide variety to choose from. Iron, steel, and brass are some of the top choices. However, brass has become more sought after due to its corrosion resistant properties,  which is ideal for various indoor and outdoor installations. Whether you want angles for installing windows or you want them for adornment purposes, brass angles are highly suitable for many purposes.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Why Brass Tubing is Ideal to Work With

Metal-based projects give you the chance to tap into the creative mind. Using brass tubing helps you maximize your time spent on these projects. This material is unique and beneficial in a variety of ways.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Muntz Metal and the British Shipping Advantage

In 1800's Europe, a fast fleet who could navigate quickly and easily to the Americas was a huge advantage for the economy of the nation who owned the ships. In addition to crews who could safely navigate waters and avoid pirates, ships benefitted from antifouling methods that would prevent barnacles and other growth. The most common antifouling technique, copper, was known to be effective but also very expensive. A metalsmith, George Muntz, created an alloy that combined copper with zinc and iron that became the coating substance of choice, at two-thirds the cost of pure copper.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Unique Projects Featuring Copper and Brass

Copper and brass are two materials that are advantageous to work with. Not only do these materials provide a unique aesthetic appeal, but they are also cost-effective. You can build unique structures without having to spend a fortune.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Engraving Brass Guide: 4 Factors to Remember when Starting a Project

Starting to venture into a brass engraving business? If yes, then it’s time to learn as much as you can about this metal and how to work on it. One of the most commonly used metals in the engraving industry, brass provides a certain appeal to customers. With its elegance and shine, it can be used in a variety of engraving projects, from plaques to trophies. To help you out, here are four factors you should consider before starting a project.

Knowing the Value of Muntz Metal: Benefits, Uses, and Maintenance

A brass alloy that has been around since the 19th century, muntz metal is valuable in a wide range of industries. In a nutshell, it’s a combination of copper (60%) and zinc (40%). It can also have some amount of iron, depending on where it will be used. If your project requires the use such metal, it’s necessary to know the properties and characteristics of this form of brass. This way, you can determine how it could be of use to you.

Advantages of Bronze Sheets for Furniture Makers

Furniture manufacturers have the chance to work with some unique materials, such as gold, bronze, silver, and copper. Each material has its own distinct advantages, which is particularly true with bronze sheets. This type of sheeting allows you to get creative with inspiring ideas, and it offers various benefits for any type of project.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sheet Metal Suppliers: Getting and Using the Material for your Project

Sheet metal is used in a variety of applications. It can be utilized for roofing systems, flashing, and building projects, among others. It’s formed by a process involving extrusion, rolling, or hammering. It’s also available in different types, including steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, and tin. Given this range of options, it’s important to determine the right material for your project. You should also know how to work on the product to complete your project successfully.

Hit Quality Copper and Brass Sales for Energy-Efficient Metal Roofing

The roof is an essential element of energy-efficient, safe, and attractive homes. Builders often find it tricky to recommend roofing material that blends all three qualities. Copper and brass sales present an excellent solution in the form of metal roofing. This roofing material might be more costly upfront than traditional shingles, but the benefits make it an incredibly value-loaded investment. Here are some advantages that make copper or brass roofs such an exceptional addition to any home.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Copper Sheet Supplier: The Benefits of Copper for Outdoor Lighting

Designers know that outdoor lighting can have a big impact on any home. Something as simple as lights can enhance exterior ambiance, improve a property’s security, and increase the functionality of outdoor spaces. There is a wide range of exterior lighting options today, but it’s hard to match the advantages of outdoor copper lighting with quality materials sourced from an expert copper sheet supplier.

Brass Tube and Sheets: Modern, Attractive Material for Home Redesign

Many people have an impression of metal as a cold, hard building material. In the right hands and with some creative craftsmanship, however, certain metals give off a warm and comfortable vibe that’s perfect for residential homes. Foremost of these metals is brass which can come in many forms such as square brass tubing and sheet metal. For remodelers and interior designers, brass is an excellent material to add to your design plans. Here are some ideas to get you started.