Friday, May 13, 2016

Why Brass Tubing is Ideal to Work With

Metal-based projects give you the chance to tap into the creative mind. Using brass tubing helps you maximize your time spent on these projects. This material is unique and beneficial in a variety of ways.

Distinct Shape

The shape for this tubing is striking. The square design makes it ideal for a wide array of applications, such as frames for tables, book shelves, picture frames, and bases for other different structures. The square shape also bends itself well to create borders around different pieces, including mirrors, memorabilia, and posters.

Square Brass Tubing and Machinability

A lot of fabricators enjoy working with brass tubing because of its machinability. There are many ways to manipulate this type of metal, which include melting, hot rolling, cold rolling, and finish rolling. Since brass tubing comes in different thicknesses, you can select a thin type of tubing that is easy to bend and cut. For more structurally specific types of projects, the size and thickness of the brass tubing can also be altered.

Color Variety

Brass tubing also comes in many different colors, depending on its zinc content. Some colors include green-gold, soft pink, yellow, bronze-gold, and red-brown. The color options give you the chance to create a striking appeal for your projects.

Brass, containing copper and zinc, is an excellent material to use because it is easy to form into different shapes and it also comes in many color varieties. Brass tubing combines aesthetically pleasing properties with a unique shape, helping you create interesting structures. To get quality square brass tubing that meets your specifications, it’s recommended to contact a reliable metal supplier.

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