Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Square Brass Tubes in Interior Design

Designing furniture often starts out with selecting the right materials. They vary today depending on what properties you’re looking for. In terms of structure and durability, square brass tubing may be just what you need to give clients something truly unique.

Luxury Shelves

Because of its durable nature, square brass tubing works well when used as frame for shelves. It can support a lot of weight and is rather easy to secure on walls thanks to its flat sides. 

You’ll also have many visual directions to go in. You could, for example, select polished brass that gives off a shiny luster. Clients then have practical centerpieces to add to their living room or bedroom. Or, you can select square brass tubing that’s aged a bit. Where the shelves lack in shine, they more than make up for in personality. 

This Is How You Make Your Interior Design Stand Out With Muntz Metal

If you want to make a statement in any building, you can never go wrong with muntz metal. Muntz metal has a unique shade, making it perfect to work in order to add elegant touches to any design. In fact, that's exactly what architects and designers have been doing today.

When you're a designer looking for an alloy able to give off a nice soft gold tone, Muntz is one metal you can depend on for inspiration. Muntz is sometimes known as yellow metal, which is a form of alpha-beta brass. It's primarily composed of 60 percent copper and 40 percent zinc and is quite durable. This is exactly why muntz is being used to build machine parts that need to be corrosion resistant. Read more from this blog:

Monday, June 19, 2017

Benefits of Working with Muntz Metal

Invented in the 19th century, muntz metal is made from a combination of copper and zinc. Because of its lightweight and durable nature, it’s one of the most popular alloys in history. Here are several reasons why you might utilize this material for an upcoming project.

Unique Appearance 

This unique alloy is coveted for its yellowish appearance. It’s actually been called the yellow metal, perfect for projects that need a unique look or a high-end appearance. With a little touching up, muntz metal can look like gold. Only, you won’t have to spend thousands on materials.

Then you have muntz pieces that have weathered a bit. They have character and almost tell a story for whatever piece they are incorporated into.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Copper and Brass Sales: National and Global Trends

A valuable base metal, copper has been esteemed for its role in building infrastructure and in completing even the most intricate electrical circuits. In 2016 alone, sources estimate that the worldwide use of copper has reached beyond 22 million metric tons. The International Copper Study Group (ICSG) notes that this global consumption may rise by 1.5% in the next year.

Supply Versus Demand

Though the worldwide usage for copper and its alloys is slated to grow steadily, the ICSG declares that the global copper production will exceed the usage by up to 160,000 metric tons. The US Geological Service (USGS) further puts the markets at ease by stating that nearly 72 billion metric tons of copper are found in reserves beneath the earth’s crust. And with nationwide copper recycling recovering nearly 700,000 metric tons of the material, it can be safe to say that there will be no shortage of this base metal in the near future.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Liven Up Your Kitchen with Bronze Sheets

Farmhouse sinks made of solid bronze give every kitchen that rustic and industrial appeal. While sheets are often ordered as 18 gauge or 14 gauge, bathroom sinks require lighter and thinner sheets, which are about 20 gauge. Countertops need the heavy 14 gauge bronze sheets as these surfaces are expected to experience a lot of pressure and stress from daily usage.

Caring for Bronze

Kitchens and bronze go well together because of the alloy’s resistance to corrosion and wear and tear. Even with constant exposure to water, bronze sheets and tubes remain solid and rust-free, and its surface even develops a nicely weathered and classic look. Cleaning bronze just requires a bit of mild soap and water. Tough stains can be tackled with a bit of baking soda. It is not advisable to use ammonia, bleach, and strong acids when scrubbing bronze fixtures, as these compounds can lead to stress corrosion cracking.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Here's How a Copper Sheet Supplier Can Help You Sell to All Kitchens

Today's cooking and dining scene have become more attractive and more intriguing because of copper. In fact, if you visit several commercial kitchens today, copper is everywhere and for good reason. It's a metal with a specific kind of hue, one that is unique, stylish and timeless. At the same time, many professional chefs swear that copper is as useful as it is aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention cooking with copper has been found to be quite beneficial too.

For one thing copper is great at conducting heat. This means food is always cooked evenly, which helps both home and professional kitchens produce impressive gourmet dishes. In fact, because of this even heat temperature, there are no more hot spots in the cookware, which typically causes food to stick. Read more from this blog:

Friday, June 9, 2017

Brass Tubing: Categories and Properties

Depending on the project, brass can be purchased in various forms, gauges, and sizes. For instance, you can choose to get sheets that you can freely shape in any way. Some brasses work best for water applications or electrical work. How is the alloy classified? And what are its other favorable physical characteristics?

Alpha Brasses

Based on their crystalline structures, some brasses are categorized as alpha brasses, in which majority is copper and the zinc content is about 37% or less. UNS C26000, aka cartridge brass, is a well-known example of this variety of alloy, and it is very ductile, malleable, and ideal for cold working. Other low zinc brasses are 70/30 brass and yellow brass, which are often used for hardware and ornamental projects. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Protecting the Brass Square Tube from Corrosion

Like many copper alloys, brass has proudly proven its irreplaceable significance in industry. Exhibiting the same malleability, ductility, and excellent thermal conductivity as its mother metal copper, brass is a viable alternative for use in cooling and heating systems. To be specific, brass fittings and tubes are used in the manufacturer of heat exchangers, as the alloy is tough, versatile, and highly-resistant to damage.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Attributes to Assess When Ordering Brass

Whether you’re a metal fabricator or an architectural designer, you may come to rely on brass metals at some point. Here are some characteristics to consider before ordering this material in bulk.


Like most materials, you’ll want to consider how thick you want brass to be. The thicker the brass, the more you’ll pay since more materials are involved. Brass thickness is categorized by gauge level. The lower the gauge, the thicker it will be.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Custom Projects Using Brass Angles

In terms of its aesthetics and structure, brass angle is a great material to work with for metal fabricators. Using this material, you can create artful projects that last.

Table Bases

Since brass angle is naturally durable, it works well as table bases. You can select thick pieces that can hold whatever object is placed on top. The luster coming from the bottom adds to any table’s visual appeal. Glass, in particular, vibes nicely with brass angle and is perfect for clients looking for a retro look.

If these tables are being placed on concrete or tile, it’s helpful to place some sort of rubber material on the bottom of the angles. This way, clients’ floors are completely protected from scratches and marks.

How to Care for Outdoor Statues and Displays Sculpted from Bronze Bars

You are likely to find outdoor statuary adorning any commercial landscape project. When done well, they emote boldness and a sovereignty. Such displays can invoke a theme central to a client's business, home or other property. When you need the quintessential sculpture in this vein, bronze serves your purpose superbly.

Bronze statues are hardly new. In fact, over the last several years, myriad commercial outdoor spaces have resorted to bronze statuary to convey a theme or image. Such sculptures are typically crafted from bronze bars. In some cases, they can also be honed from a bronze tube. Read more from this blog: