Monday, June 5, 2017

Attributes to Assess When Ordering Brass

Whether you’re a metal fabricator or an architectural designer, you may come to rely on brass metals at some point. Here are some characteristics to consider before ordering this material in bulk.


Like most materials, you’ll want to consider how thick you want brass to be. The thicker the brass, the more you’ll pay since more materials are involved. Brass thickness is categorized by gauge level. The lower the gauge, the thicker it will be.

Brass Types 

There are several types of brass metals you can select from, including alpha brasses, alpha-beta brasses, and beta brasses. Alpha brasses are typically softer and more ductile compared to their counterparts, which means it’s easier to mold and work with. You may need to bend brass tubing to form a certain shape, for example. Bending doesn’t require a lot of special tools or effort when the brass is malleable.

Although beta brass is used less compared to the other types, it’s extremely durable. It may be preferred for practical projects that need a lot of structure and support. Or, you may need brass designed to last in the elements because you’re placing materials outside.


Before ordering brass, you should assess how much brass you need. Usually this depends on the scale of your project. If you have multiple clients, for example, you may need a lot of brass to work with. For one-time projects, you can get away with ordering less.

After assessing your material needs, make sure you contact the right supplier that can ship high-quality brass for sale to your location. They’ll ensure you have plenty of metals to work with.

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