Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Square Brass Tubes in Interior Design

Designing furniture often starts out with selecting the right materials. They vary today depending on what properties you’re looking for. In terms of structure and durability, square brass tubing may be just what you need to give clients something truly unique.

Luxury Shelves

Because of its durable nature, square brass tubing works well when used as frame for shelves. It can support a lot of weight and is rather easy to secure on walls thanks to its flat sides. 

You’ll also have many visual directions to go in. You could, for example, select polished brass that gives off a shiny luster. Clients then have practical centerpieces to add to their living room or bedroom. Or, you can select square brass tubing that’s aged a bit. Where the shelves lack in shine, they more than make up for in personality. 

Decadent Antiques 

Clients may have unique antiques that they wish to preserve, and you can touch up their looks with the addition of square brass tubing. Using the square shape, you can secure tubes around the edges. These pieces then have a border that gives them adequate protection, as well as a unique aesthetic that has a premium quality to it.

You could also use these tubes as a base for antique pieces like a trunk or cabinet. Since the pieces are elevated off the ground, they have added protection and a greater presence in the room that they are in. Make sure you have enough square brass tubing to work with by ordering from a metal supplier.

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