Thursday, June 1, 2017

Custom Projects Using Brass Angles

In terms of its aesthetics and structure, brass angle is a great material to work with for metal fabricators. Using this material, you can create artful projects that last.

Table Bases

Since brass angle is naturally durable, it works well as table bases. You can select thick pieces that can hold whatever object is placed on top. The luster coming from the bottom adds to any table’s visual appeal. Glass, in particular, vibes nicely with brass angle and is perfect for clients looking for a retro look.

If these tables are being placed on concrete or tile, it’s helpful to place some sort of rubber material on the bottom of the angles. This way, clients’ floors are completely protected from scratches and marks.


Clients may have special paintings in their homes that they want protected. Brass angle has straight edges, which make it easy to secure around rectangular paintings that need extra protection. The glimmer coming from the frames accentuates art and ensures it lasts for a long time. For added protection, you can secure clear acrylic sheets over the top of paintings.

Since brass angle frames are going on walls, it helps to select lightweight pieces. They’ll be easier to secure and work with. You can have brass custom made and fitted to your liking by getting help from the right metal supplier.

Being creative with the materials you use is paramount for standing out in the fabrication industry. Talk to metal suppliers to find out what other metals can expand your design possibilities.

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