Monday, March 6, 2017

Beautiful Music from Crafted Brass Instruments

Brass instruments like trumpets, trombones, and tubas are among the most noticeable in an orchestra ensemble. Aside from the spirited music these make, their bright gold sheen lend that touch of elegance to every performance.

Instrument makers that specialize in brasswinds look only for the best quality brass to complete their work. One type of brass that they use is 70/30 brass, also known as cartridge brass or C26000. Slightly increasing the copper to zinc ratio makes these brasses darker, thereby producing instruments with deeper and fuller sounds.

Hearing the Difference

Musical experts know that the quality of brass used in crafting instruments can truly make a huge difference in terms of resonance, or the ability to make sound. Very soft brass can make poor quality instruments with poor resonance, and harder brass types produce thinner and higher-pitched sounds. Increasing the zinc content within the brass allows these craftsmen to create instruments with brighter sounds, which, in turn, suit the needs of their clients best.

Importance of Gauge

Before shaping brass become trombones, tubas, trumpets, and the like, the instrument maker has to first determine the right gauge or thickness. Metal suppliers that offer brass for sale usually have a wide range of sheets and tubes available with the appropriate thickness needed for specific instruments. Generally, thicker brass produces deeper and lower sounds, while thinner gauges resonate with lighter sounds.

Working with a versatile alloy such as this can open up infinite possibilities, paving the way for musicians to wow their audiences even more. With the right approach and with expert hands, instrument fabricators can truly help make beautiful music with brass.

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