Monday, March 27, 2017

Muntz Metal Is a Strong and Durable Alloy

It was in 1832 when George F. Muntz of Birmingham, England developed a special technique that produced a highly-resistant and tough metal. This copper alloy, now widely recognized as Muntz metal, does not corrode easily, and is a more affordable alternative to pure copper.
Physical Characteristics

The unified numbering system (UNS) for metals in North America gives Muntz metal the standard code number C28000. Because it contains 60% copper and 40% zinc, the alloy also exhibits the noteworthy malleability, ductility, and conductivity that the base metal has been known for. Muntz metal requires the use of very high temperatures for any application.

Marine Applications

Thanks to the ingenuity of Muntz, locals in the shipbuilding industry during those years found a metal that can truly withstand the harsh and corrosive sea water. The alloy was flattened out and attached as hulls on the bottom of boats. Even posts on piers and harbors were reinforced with this metal. With the biocidic properties of copper, Muntz metal also prevented the growth of parasites that eat away wood and metal on boats and structures exposed to marine environments.

Aside from serving its purpose in ship and boat building, Muntz metal maintains its place in the modern manufacturing industry, as it is used to make bolts, rivets, screws, and more.

If you require Muntz metal for your projects, then give the experts a call. Whatever gauge or size you need, they can surely provide high-quality materials that will help you get the work done.

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