Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Brass Tube and Other Forgings Bring Beauty and Function into Homes

"The sought-after properties of brass go beyond aesthetics. Its malleability is a joy to work with, which makes welding and crafting easier than using alternatives. Despite this ease of handling, the copper alloy’s durability and corrosion-resistance does not waver. The various sizes, shapes, and thickness aside from a standard brass square tube can withstand time with minimal upkeep. Makers of home improvement products can consult wholesale suppliers like Rotax Metals for quality raw materials. With top-of-the-line brass forgings, products can be manufactured with elegant beauty and lasting function."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Copper, Brass Sheet Metal, and Other Forgings Strengthen Utilities

"Aside from its electrical uses, brass is one of the copper alloys widely used in a variety of industries. Versatile brass sheet metal and other forgings are made into different system components. Most notably, brass is used for electrical contacts or connectors, bullet casings, nuts and bolts or screws, and plumbing hardware. Together with copper, brass generally makes up parts of electricity and wiring, heating and cooling, plumbing, and numerous other utilities. The resilience and conductivity of the metals enable the components to withstand varying temperatures and natural elements. What’s more, the metals are proven cost-efficient over alternatives like steel because they require less difficulty in machining."

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Most Bacteria are No Match for Brass Sheet Metal, Thanks to Copper

"With copper widely considered an “emerging health technology” in North America, the brass and bronze-producing sector is expected to see a peak in demand. The chemical properties of copper don’t change when it becomes quality brass sheet metal. This is because the process of alloy-making instigates a physical change, not chemical. In other words, copper’s antimicrobial properties will remain in brass and bronze. It may even inherit properties of the very metals it bonds with such as zinc’s durability. Overall, a quality brass channel from producers like Rotax Metals may save lives in a hospital."

Friday, July 4, 2014

In a Game of Physical Properties, Bronze Bars Win Gold Every Time

"If physical properties had their way, bronze would be the winner’s medal. Gold is too soft to stand alone and must form an alloy with other, stronger metals for durability. The same can be said for copper, which results in bronze, but it’s more abundant. Metal distributors such as Rotax Metals can manufacture bronze bars for an affordable cost. If needed, both metals can be recycled. Copper recycling has been in practice as early as the age of bronze artillery, melting the cannons after a war to be remade into useful items. As only the physical form of copper and copper alloys change, not the chemical structure, remade bronze sheet metal still possesses the same properties as scrap copper."