Monday, August 7, 2017

Looking for a New Metal to Work with in Your Jewelry Design? Consider Using Brass for Sale

When you want to craft a jewelry piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and alluring, you should certainly consider using brass. After all, it's one metal that is as beautiful as it is reliable. That's why many jewelry designers enjoy working with it.

Here are some of the smartest reasons as to why you should turn to brass for sale when crafting fine jewelry pieces for your market.

It Closely Resembles Gold

Who doesn't like gold jewelry? Gold, however, is more expensive than other metals. That's why brass is seen as the more affordable alternative to gold. More importantly, it has a close resemblance to the warm yellow glow that you would especially see in some textured 18k and 24k yellow gold jewelry. This allows you to create stunning jewelry pieces for just a fraction of the cost. Without a doubt, your brass jewelry creations will be a hit in the market. Who knows? Some of your customers may even forget about gold altogether.

It Can Stand up to Heat

One of the most awesome qualities of brass is that it can easily stand up to relatively intense heat. That means you don't have to worry about having any splats on your soldering table. Instead, you can hold brass to a flame and be confident that you can work with it safely and without much effort.

It Is Relatively Easy Solder

Soldering a jewelry made of brass is actually quite easy. Moreover, the process is made even simpler since there’s only one kind of solder that you can use for brass. That also means that there's no chance you would become confused when you go to the supply or hardware store.

It’s Great for Casting

The casting method is especially popular when it comes to costume pieces and brass is an incredibly good metal to cast. That's because brass happens to have a low melting point.

It Doesn't Easily Corrode

Brass does not easily corrode, even when used daily. This is why a lot of customers prefer getting a jewelry piece that is made with this type of metal. Depending on its copper content, however, it may develop a green tinge as time goes by. At this point, your jewelry design would still be just as amazing and fashionably wearable.

It Produces Gorgeous Patinas

Perhaps one of the best reasons to opt to use brass is because it creates some amazing patinas. In fact, you can produce a nice verdigris look with it. It will certainly make your creations stand out in any store.

For all these reasons, you should definitely include some brass creations in your jewelry line. They would be a instant hit to your customers. What's more, they would be glad to know that your brass pieces are capable of lasting for years to come.

About Rotax Metals:

At Rotax Metals, we can provide any metal you may require whether you need them for architectural design, metal fabrication, jewelry pieces, or any other application. We stock various types of brass for sale, such as brass sheets, rods, coils, angles, extrusions, and tubes. We also offer bronze and copper in different shapes and sizes.


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