Saturday, August 19, 2017

Many Designers Opt to Use Brass Angle in Home and Commercial Interiors

When you want your interior design to exude unparalleled elegance, you can't do any better than brass. It's the one metal that gives your work a yellow gold finish. Indeed, brass is the one metal that you’d want to work with if you’re looking to make a bold statement.

Brass is a relatively easy metal to work with. It has good machinability properties and can be joined to other copper alloys. The copper in brass gives it a natural ability to inhibit bacterial growth. One study done by Southampton University in the UK found that using brass and copper fittings in hospitals may help stop the spread of fingertip or touch contamination. That means it's the perhaps the safest and most hygienic metal choice that you would ever make.

Here are some ways that brass angles can be used in different spaces to lend a touch of class:

Brass Door Jamb, Frame Protection and Sill

Brass angles are a popular choice for door jambs. Recently though, designers have gone much further with brass. Brass can also be used as a door frame to help keep doors and entryways better protected against any damage that could be caused by pedestrian traffic or equipment.

Brass also makes good door sill protectors and threshold covers. It can also be used for ramp cover plates that make it much easier for wheelchairs and other accessories with wheels to pass through an entry way. Indeed, brass' yellow gold glow will improve the aesthetics of any door or entryway.

Brass Handrail

Staircases are one part of the interior where several people pass through day and night. Hence, you need to make sure that the entire structure, especially the rails, is durable. Fortunately, brass does a good job of remaining sturdy for a long time. Since it is also antimicrobial, you don't have to worry about people touching the handrails spreading dangerous pathogens. Indeed, brass makes passing through stairways a lot safer to the health.

Brass Step Guards

One of the best ways to keep the steps in good condition is to install brass angle step guards. Especially in a place where there is a high volume of traffic on a daily basis, you need a step guard that will stay on the steps and not crack without warning. At the same time, reliable step guards such as those made from brass will help prevent people from slipping.

Even to this day, brass angles can be used in a number of ways to improve home and commercial establishment interiors. Especially in high traffic commercial areas, consider using brass fittings and fixtures. This way, you can give the space a great look while keeping everyone a little bit safer from possible contamination.

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