Sunday, February 12, 2017

Projects Perfect for Brass Sheet Metal

All metals have their pros and cons, making them perfect for particular projects. As far as home renovation goes, brass sheet metal is becoming more sought after because of its unique properties and look. If you are thinking about using this material, here are some projects that might be perfect fits.

Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen isn’t complete without elegant countertops, and brass sheet metal gives you limitless options. The bronze, gold-like appearance mimics premium materials like gold, and the thick gauges that this material comes in make your projects long-lasting. This material can even be cut before being shipped, so it is ready for installation the moment you receive it.

Furniture Pieces

Your clients may have furniture pieces that they want restored, and you can do so in a cost-effective and unique way by using brass sheet metal. Using thin sheets of metal, you can wrap the material around tables to give them a rustic or steam-punk look.

Sheet metal can also be used to create sturdy bases for furniture, such as coffee tables and trunks. For bases, you’ll want to use sheet metal that is thick and durable because of the weight they have to support.

As an architect or metal fabricator consider using brass for a material that offers a high-end look, yet doesn’t cost a lot. Talk to a reputable metal supplier to see what brass properties might be right for the projects you have in mind.

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