Monday, January 11, 2016

Consider Muntz Metal for Warm Copper Beauty and Strength

George F. Muntz patented the alloy known as Muntz Metal in 1832. This metal is an excellent choice for casting, as it must be manipulated while it is hot; indeed, this alloy is often used for casting bolts. Muntz metal is a copper and zinc alloy of approximately 60% copper and 40% zinc. Shortly after Muntz received his patent for this durable metal, he began to market it as a substitute for copper. It is less susceptible to corrosion than copper, stronger than copper and much more cost-effective.

This alloy is highly valued for its color and strength. It's often used as an architectural feature in sheet form and cast into particular shapes. When heated, this alloy is quite plastic and is easily forged, stamped and pressed. At regular temperatures, this alloy is easy to solder and braze. Special care must be taken when welding, soldering or brazing this alloy to provide plenty of ventilation due to the high zinc content. Additionally, as Muntz metal is extremely rigid, brazing this product may require additional heat sources for success flow of flux.

Muntz metal is a excellent product when a project requires exposed structural framing members. From light fixtures to furniture, balustrades to wall panels, Muntz works well both indoors and out. Because it functions well as a casting metal, intricate pattern work can be designed and created by a knowledgeable foundry.

If you need more strength than copper but don't want to give up the warm beauty of that metal, consider Muntz metal for a design project.

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