Monday, November 28, 2016

A Little Goes a Long Way with Square Brass Tubing

Not all that glitters is gold. Today, it’s likelier to be brass. While chrome and stainless steel previously dominated the world of interior design as must-have metals, the trends are now shifting towards the softer and warmer shades of copper, bronze, and brass.
Better still, you don’t have to fill your home up with brass sheets and tubing just to maximize their aesthetics. In fact, less is more when it comes to this metal.

Frame It

If you live in a small space, big mirrors are an excellent way to make your living area look bigger. Frame those mirrors with brass tubing to infuse an elegant, warm glow into your room.

Light it up

Brass is highly-desirable when it comes to lighting fixtures. You can use brass in all sorts of lighting, from bedside lamps and hanging lamps, to smaller desk lamps.

As Tables

In addition, choice brass furniture make excellent statement pieces. For instance, a brass coffee table can define a whole room. Just make sure to top it with transparent glass so that its looks
are always visible.

As Cutlery

Level up the sophistication of your dinner parties by opting for brass or copper cutlery. They’re best paired with snowy-white dining ware, so the golden tones of these cutlery stand out clearly.

As Curtain Rods

If you prefer really subtle brass touches, curtain rods are a great place to start. You get that antique charm without overwhelming the other design elements in your home.
These are just a few ideas on how to incorporate the warmth of brass and copper into your home design. No matter which you choose to apply, one thing’s for sure— that these will stay beautiful for many years to come.

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