Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Great Home Customizations Using Brass Tubing

As an architectural designer, being creative is essential for fulfilling your clients’ needs. This starts with the materials you use. Brass tubing is versatile and perfect for many home renovations ideas.

Towel Racks

Because brass tubing is already shaped like a rod, it works great for holding towels. Combine multiple brass tubes together for ample towel space, while showing off an elegant sheen that only brass can provide. Brass tubing almost replicates the look of gold, only you don’t have to spend a fortune for such a distinct bathroom piece.

Furniture Pieces

Some of your clients may have outdated furniture, lacking any real distinctness and character. Spice these pieces up by incorporating brass tubing around them. These tubes vary in thickness and you can select thin tubing that’s easy to manipulate. After some cutting and bending, you can accent different furniture pieces, like coffee tables, for a cost-effective renovation. 

Jewelry Hangers

For clients who have a lot of jewelry, help them organize everything appropriately by designing jewelry hangers out of brass tubes. Since jewerly doesn’t weigh a lot, you don’t have to use tubes that are extremely thick or heavy. They can be lightweight so you won’t have a problem securing them to any parts of the wall. For a distinct piece, cut the tubes to form some sort of pattern or shape. Every time your clients go to grab a necklace or ring, they’ll be in awe of your work.

Brass tubing works nicely with many projects. Not only is this material affordable, it’s easy to get when you find the right supplier. Consult with one today to take your projects to the next level.

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