Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Being Innovative with Brass Angle

Being a metal fabricator great as it gives you access to many materials to work with. In terms of style and durability, brass angle is ideal and works well when used in these metal fabrications.

Perimeter of Furniture

If you have pieces of furniture with a conventional look, you can enhance their aesthetics with ease using brass angle. Apply this material along the edges of pieces like desks, trunks, and end tables. Since this metal already has a rectangular shape, it fits perfectly on square or rectangle-shaped furniture.

A helpful tip is to select brass angle that is extremely thin. This makes it easier to secure on objects. You don’t even have to use this material for aesthetic reasons. It is durable and helps protect furniture as well. Apply this metal to expensive pieces that need added protection around the edges from dings and scuffs.


Since brass angle is thin and malleable, it is great to build sculptures with. It may be intricate shapes or iconic symbols that everyone recognizes. You can rest easy knowing your sculptures hold up for a long time, as this material is fire and corrosion-resistant. There are also many ways you can secure brass angle together, whether it is with liquid adhesive or with traditional screws and nails.

Fabricating metal is about creativity, and you can enhance your originality with brass angle. Featuring a distinct sheen, thanks to its copper and zinc composition, this material gives you so many options and is easy to find from metal suppliers.

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