Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brass Metal: The Material that Keeps Giving

There are many materials you can use as a furniture designer, but one material that is considered to be the most versatile is brass. Composed of copper and zinc, brass offers many benefits you can’t help but take advantage of.


The diverse applications that are highly suited for brass are quite astonishing. It is used in so many industries because of its availability and simple production process. You’ll see brass a lot in the architectural industry, from distinct furniture pieces to door handles and ornamental trim. The manufacturing industry also heavily relies on brass for jets, pipe fittings, nuts, bolts, threaded parts, and valve bodies.


Brass is a material that is unique in terms of its durability and visual aesthetics. Brass is not prone to cracking or damaging over the years, and it can also withstand high temperatures. It is even fire-resistant and corrosion-resistant. You can ensure it retains its sheen for a long time to come.

More malleable than steel or iron, brass can be manipulated in so many different ways because it is extremely flexible. This material comes in so many different shapes and sizes, especially if you order from the right metal supplier. Find one that offers quality materials and ships directly to your location. Also, see if you can save on costs when ordering in bulk.

Whether you are looking for aesthetic value or a material built to last, brass never ceases to amaze. Talk to a reputable metal supplier to find out what more brass can do for your projects.

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