Friday, December 16, 2016

Bronze has a Unique Space in the Jewelry Market

For jewelry makers, there’s often a difficulty in finding quality materials that won’t break the bank. Bronze is one such metal that has great properties for jewelry making. You may not have considered if for use before, or you may be keen to incorporate it into your designs but aren’t sure how.

If in doubt, speak to a bronze supplier. They will be able to advise on which bronze to choose for jewelry design, source difficult to find dimensions if needed and offer a quality product which is difficult to find with bronze in recent years.

Features that are Unique to Bronze

Bronze may be the best choice to use when wanting detailed jewelry designs. If you choose to smelt and cast it, bronze actually expands a little before it sets. This process allows bronze to fill the space better than other metals, and your designs should come out clearer than they normally do. As bronze is more hard wearing than other metal alloys, it could be a better choice to use for wiring, chains and metal clay as it is stronger and less likely to break.

How to use Bronze in Jewelry

Bronze sheets in particular are easy and beautiful for use in jewelry design. If you select a thin enough sheet, bronze can be cut into the desired shape with scissors. It is also easy to emboss if required in your creations. Bronze is easy to smelt and cast, and is available in many forms to optimize your jewelry designs.

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