Monday, December 5, 2016

Why Brass Lamps are the Ultimate Design Accessory

Brass is frequently used in interior design to add dimension and interest to a space. As a traditional metal, many choose to create pieces from brass as they appeal to a wide audience. Brass lamps, in particular, are very popular as accessories.

The History of Brass

Brass is a material that was first used in around 500 BC. This makes it a metal familiar to humans for thousands of years, and one that has found a home in every industry, from construction, shipping, and sculpture, to machinery. Brass lamps, in fact, were originally used with oil or gas, though as technology developed they continue to be a popular choice in electric lamps.

Why Choose a Brass for a Lamp

Brass is an excellent material to use to create lamps and other lighting products, as it has properties which are very important in lamp construction. Brass has a lower melting point than other metals, making it easier for artisans to melt and cast into a desired shape. Any number of interesting lamp styles can be created in this way. Due to the large range of color options and shiny appearance, a brass lamp can be used as both a functional piece and one that looks beautiful as a focal point in a room.

How to Buy Brass

Using a trusted supplier, it is easy to find good quality brass for sale. Speak to a supplier, who will be able to offer advice on which type of brass best suits your intended use.

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