Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Using Copper to Enhance Plumbing Equipment

Although copper is widely considered to be the best material for pipes in the plumbing industry, it can be surprising to hear that it’s not used in every home. For businesses creating plumbing products for installation in commercial and residential settings, copper has more benefits than other materials in many ways and systems.

Heating Systems

Copper is an excellent heat conductor, so in heating systems, it successfully carries hot water through to all parts of a house or building. This means less energy is lost through transpiration. Copper is durable, and is able to withstand extreme temperatures. It doesn’t break when frozen or burned, and will thaw easily after being exposed to low temperatures. Copper is also an abundant and affordable material, so systems can be built and parts replaced cheaply and quickly.

Bathroom Appliances

Copper is anti-corrosive, and therefore doesn’t break down when repeatedly exposed to water. This makes it the perfect material for all plumbing systems, as it will last a long time and will not contaminate the water with alloy breakdown. The antimicrobial properties of copper also make it ideal to create plumbing systems from. Bacteria and organisms cannot attach themselves to it or cause damage, so the growth of harmful bacteria within plumbing systems is inhibited. As copper is also a natural material, it is environmentally friendly and sustainable, too.

Find a reliable supplier to purchase your copper, brass or other alloy products from, as they can advise on the ideal material for your plumbing industry needs.

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