Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Use Square Brass Tubing to Make Stunning Furniture

For a bold interior design statement, square brass tubing can be a great material to incorporate into furniture designs. The use of metal has historical significance while still being modern, and the properties of square brass tubing lend themselves well to making striking and durable furniture.

Properties of Square Brass Tubing

Brass tubing works well in furniture design because it is malleable whilst still being strong. It is also easy to solder pieces of brass tubing together to make different designs and patterns.
For square brass tubing in particular, the flat edges are useful for connecting to other things. If need be, it’s simple enough to lie two flat edges together, solder multiple pieces into shapes and insert bolts and screws. In this way, square brass tubing is more versatile than its rounded counterpart in furniture design.

For those trying to achieve a geometric furniture design, square brass tubing compliments an angled pattern nicely.

Modern Influences

Metal furniture is currently very popular as brass tubing can be sculptured into exciting and unusual patterns. Minimalism is fashionable, and metal furniture can make a space look interesting without being too busy.

Modern design tries to blend functionality and style, and using square brass tubing in furniture designs can do this well.

How to Use Brass Tubing in Furniture Design

Functional ways to use square brass tubing in furniture design include shelving units, chairs and tables. You can choose to either create an entirely metal piece, which tends to give a very modern look, or mix materials including wood, fabrics or plastic in your furniture design. For example, creating a chair with a square brass tubing frame and plush seat can look classic and elegant in a space. Because it is readily available, you can always find square brass tubing in the size and style you need to create stunning furniture designs.

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