Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Brass Angle: Composition and Application

Are you looking to source brass angle material from a supplier? If so, here are some important information:

Brass Composition

Brass is a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. It is extensively utilized in architectural applications, decorative applications, and mechanical applications. Brass metal is known for its electrical conductivity and high strength.

General Brass Applications

Due to its strength and smooth polish-able surface, brass metal is commonly chosen for use in construction, shop fitting, and architectural industries. It is also used for products designed for visual appeal, and for fittings and tools that require low friction. Brass material comes in different grades and shapes.

C385 Architectural Bronze

It is composed of 57 percent copper, 3 percent lead, and 40 percent zinc. Brass angle made of C385 architectural bronze, as its name indicates, is used in architectural applications. Brass angle can be used for decorative trims, including brackets, stair treads, frames, and windows. Angled brass is available in various sizes. It also comes with both equal and unequal sides. Brass angle bars can be used for lock making, soldering, and model railways.


Brass angle comes in various thickness and size, and can also be custom-cut according to your needs.

Choosing Your Brass Angle Supplier

Select a suitable distributor to supply your brass angle needs. Select a distributor known for its quality products, and who operates in local, national, and international markets. Select a distributor that meets the requirements of different manufacturers, artisans, architectural designers and fabricators.

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