Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Interior Design: Different Uses of Bronze Sheets

The design world is going all gaga over the so-called renaissance of metals. House designers everywhere are going back to utilizing more metals like brass and bronze to easily add a pop of pizzazz and character to a room.

Subtle Applications

As much as it’s tempting to go all out on bronze, prudence is still the way to go, unless you want your client’s place to look utterly industrial. It can be applied even in the simplest and subtlest ways, and still manage to draw attention.

Examples of this subtle form of application could be it as a base trim for a coffee table, or a simple lighting fixture in the hallway. It could also be used as the fixture in the bathroom, or as a wall trim in the kitchen, from bronze metal sheets.

Bigger and Bolder

If the design aesthetic of your client is a bit more welcoming about the use of bronze in major house pieces, tabletop sculptures and other art pieces can be put in plain sight, whether in book shelves or mantle tops.

Contemporary design pieces could also use bronze in its entirety as a coffee table, and not just as a base trim. Professional interior designers should therefore have access to good quality bronze and other metals supply. That way, they can easily act on their client’s vision for a bronzed-up home.

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