Friday, April 8, 2016

The Best of Square Brass Tubing

Interior and architectural designers often use square brass tubing for commercial and residential applications. The unique square shape along with a variety of sizes is perfect for decorations and other functional components. If you are thinking of using brass for your client’s house, then here are some reasons why you should.

Stunning Color

Made with a brass metal, the yellowish alloy of copper and zinc brightens the appearance of plumbing and electronic appliances adding that extra elegance to any plain object. Depending on the amount of zinc, copper, and possibly aluminum and tin, however, the coloration may vary. For the most part though, brass resembles a golden color that is ideal for any trim.

Beautiful Decor

Although brass tubing comes in different shapes, square brass tubing is convenient for a variety of designs. Whether you are remodeling your client’s kitchen, sprucing up their office, or adding a little extra bling to the furniture, the square shape makes it easy to fill corners and cracks.

Those who are fans of industrial design may use the square brass tubing to encase electrical wirings and other cords throughout the client’s space. Not only does this serve a functional purpose of hiding unsightly wires, but it also gives a stylish industrial feel to the interior your client is sure to love.

Though you may need to cut the tubing to fit the dimensions of your space, the good news is you get to save money for your client to create what others may think are expensive interior design elements.

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