Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Expanding Your Options as a Sculptor

If you are a sculptor and want to master the use of a unique material, consider square brass tubing. Not only does this material present a striking look, but it also gives you a lot of directions to go to when making pieces for clients.


Brass tubing is known to be thin and malleable. You can bend it to form unique shapes, which is ideal if you are creating decorative pieces for a client's’ house. Make a one-of-a-kind plant holder by welding pieces of square tubing together. You may also use this technique to showcase an elegant light fixture in the living room.


Square brass tubing can also be attached to enhance the current furniture pieces that a client has. You can wrap it around structures or use the tubing to create a striking border. The visual aesthetics of brass gives furniture a sophisticated look.

Bathroom Accessories

You can even upgrade the look of bathrooms for clients by creating accessories from the same material. Brass hand rails on the walls is a safety feature that can help wheelchaired persons or even the elderly. If you are an experienced sculptor, you can manipulate brass tubing so that it can be used as a shower head or customized faucet knobs.

If you find a seller that offers brass tubing in bulk, you’ll have plenty of materials to work with and you won’t have to spend as much. Featuring unique aesthetics and different levels of thickness, square brass tubing can truly be a tool to complement your creativity.

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