Monday, October 3, 2016

Brass Channel Gains Popularity in Home Design

Brass plays a significant role in contemporary interior design, despite the broader popularity of stainless steel. Thanks to its classy appeal, brass exudes a touch of luxury and warmth in a home. That said, brass fixtures need to be used where they best fit other design elements in a home.

The Trick to Using Brass in Designing

The trick to using brass is to treat it as an accessory. Like a piece of jewelry, find a spot in the room where brass accents would enhance the balance of the room's contents.

Because of its reflective and shiny properties, brass can be used to create a focal point in a room. If applied in a tasteful and careful manner, brass lends panache to a living space or room.

Attractive Brass Design Elements

Brass can be used in a variety of interior design components. Fixtures such as drawer pulls and knobs, as well as wire towel racks, are good starting points for introducing brass to a home's design.

The same goes for light fixtures, which can grab attention by emanating a complementary hue or glow. Brass can also accent a kitchen well. Use it for bar stools and club chairs to exude a touch of luxury to a bar, a dining room, or a kitchen.

Brass channel serves many purposes in an interior design. You just have to mix and match to find a seamless way to integrate it into the overall design.

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