Thursday, November 2, 2017

Brass Channel, Box, and Angle Bars and What They Are Used For

In designing a structure that is intended to carry load—be it a building, a storage rack, or a cabinet—tension and compression forces must be taken into account. Tension occurs when an object is pulled by forces from its opposite ends, while compression occurs when it is pushed from one end against a stationary horizontal or vertical platform or from both ends. If not properly dealt with, these forces can cause the structure to collapse.

A structure’s framework consists of many different members, each designated to counter a particular tension or compression force. Columns, for instance, are responsible for equipoising the weight of the whole structure, which is considered a compressive force. Beams and girders, on the other hand, are assigned to deal with tension forces, as they carry load on their side rather than on their ends. Read more from this article:

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