Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Benefits of Having a Copper Roof

Copper has been a famous roofing material since the early times, when craftsmen and designers utilized it to build visually appealing and sturdy structures. Even famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Renzo Piano and Michael Graves saw something in copper and incorporated it in most of their buildings. So what are the characteristics of copper that make it a sought after roofing material?

Copper’s high resistance to the harsh elements make it well-liked by builders and homeowners alike.
There are several 18th century homes in Europe with copper roofs that are still intact, only showing how they could last for hundreds of years without breaking down. Copper roofs endure for long because of the protective patina inherent on copper surfaces.

Diverse design options

The color spectrum of copper is wide and assorted, ranging from bright metallic colors to lustrous brown-black and greenish verdigris patina. Other available colors include plum, mahogany and russet, among others. Copper can also be applied in making roofing system components such as flashings, vents, gutters, and downpipes, as well as ornamental details like cornices and sculptures.


Copper and all its alloys are completely recyclable resources, meaning they can be used over and over again without degradation after every recycling sequence. Reconditioning copper only uses only around 20% of the energy required to process new metal. Moreover, its low thermal expansion guards against deterioration, while its resilience results to a long useful life and low maintenance features.

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