Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Manufacturing Home Remodeling Products with Copper

Metallic accents have been a recent trend in home remodeling, and copper is one of the forefront materials. The polished, bronzed metal instantly gives a rich and classic edge to the home, which makes it a must-have feature. From utility fixtures to artsy home decors, copper sheets can be a lucrative investment for home remodeling product manufacturers.

Plumbing Fixtures
Kitchens and bathrooms accented with copper fixtures have been frequently featured in magazines and recommended by interior designers globally. Copper faucets, bathtubs, pipes, and other plumbing wares give a hint of opulence and a dose of shabby chic to any room with plumbing.

Kitchen Implements
Copper has traditionally been used on pots, pans, tea kettles, jars, other kitchen tools, and even cooking ranges. Accessories like unique bottle openers, serving bowls, and serving trays can be made with the metal, too. With its famed anti-microbial properties, copper makes a good cooking material.

Doors, cabinetry, and other furniture with copper knobs and handles are sought-after in the world of interior design. Copper-finished backsplashes, countertops, and fireplaces are also chosen over more expensive alternatives like marble and granite.

Home Decors
Virtually any home d├ęcor and art piece can be made of the material, including accent chairs, sculptures, and table centerpieces. Sconces, hanging lights, lamps, and other lighting fixtures made of copper can all bring warmth to the home’s interiors.

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