Monday, August 11, 2014

A Class of Brass in the Home

Brass may often be a common sight in commercial and industrial applications. However, trends in interior design have led to the vaunted metal returning as part of the home furnishings front. Products such as a sturdy brass tube can be part of the equation for a home fix.

While some home furnishing experts have noted the use of brass in furnishings like four-poster beds, chairs, and coffee tables, other more permanent fixtures also deserve the brass treatment. Brass tubings are applicable on balcony or stairway rails, cabinet or door handles, and other solid hardware. Brass sheet metal that are of different colors are welded into unique wall claddings, countertops, and backsplashes. Brass plumbing fixtures and fittings like faucets and bathtubs, give the kitchen and bath a sophisticated look.

Artists also craft interesting home decors from brass. Grand sculptures, ornamental clocks, and other art pieces made of the metal become valuable statements and accessories. The metal can be polished for a distinct impression, molded in its natural patina, or altered with finishes.

The sought-after properties of brass go beyond aesthetics. Its malleability is a joy to work with, which makes for easier welding and crafting. Despite the ease of handling, the copper alloy’s durability and corrosion-resistance do not waver. The various sizes, shapes, and thickness aside from a standard brass square tube can withstand time with minimal upkeep.

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