Saturday, August 30, 2014

More Than Musical Instruments: Brass Sheet Metal’s Many Applications

The burnished golden sheen of brass fixtures, along with the aura of classic elegance that the material projects, is what attracts many interior designers to use the metal for indoor decorations. A single sheet of high-quality brass sheet metal from an established supplier like Rotax Metals would be able to provide enough raw materials for several of these fixtures. An additional benefit is that the copper in brass has a germicidal effect that also works on molds and fungi, thus assuring people of the long-term cleanliness of brass items. Sheet metal’s flexibility doesn’t end in fixtures. It can also be molded into other useful forms such as pipes or channels. Plumbers prefer using brass pipes because the material doesn’t rust, unlike steel or iron; this lets people use smaller pipes without worrying about them being rusted through. Also, brass is a low-friction metal that lets water move through it smoothly. Furthermore, since it is quite malleable, brass is easier to thread and be

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