Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Building the Best Window Cleaner

Every handyman needs a good set of tools to make the job a lot easier. Dealing with dirty windows is no sweat, provided you have a good window cleaner in your hands. In assembling an efficient window cleaner, or squeegee as it is more known, all you need is a visit to the nearest metal shop for some brass.
Before you build your squeegee, consider the size of your window. Small windows could use a squeegee that is almost as wide as the window size to avoid drips and streaks. Larger windows require a wider squeegee that measures half of the window size so you can use lesser strokes in cleaning.
A squeegee has two vital parts: the channel, and the rubber. The rubber is the one touching the window surface, so you might want to choose rounded, firm, and flexible ones to avoid getting streaks. In choosing the channel, choose a brass channel since this metal is fire- and spark-resistant, anti-microbial, and doesn’t crack easily, giving your squeegee a longer lifespan.

Choose a good quality handle preferably made of brass, too, that is easy to grip, and you have yourself a dependable window squeegee. Now your windows will always be squeaky clean.

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